Vision without action is merely a dream. Action without vision just passes the time. Vision with action can change the world
- Joel A. Barker

7 Reasons to Start Setting Goals

1. Clearly defined objectives enable us to take control of our own life

2. When a person sets goals and pursues them, they feel that their life is more meaningful.

3. Knowing our goals, we will be more purposeful approaching tasks and more productive working on them.

4. Goals give confidence and generate enthusiasm.

5. Goals and planning help make the impossible achievable.

6. Various research proves that people who set goals and reach them, achieve more in life and are much happier with themselves than those who don’t.

7. Goals help us fully realize our potential.

How to make a smart goal

How to make a smart goal

A easy to follow how to for SMART Goals!

Find out more here.

Need more goal setting inspo?

Need more goal setting inspo?

ReachOut can help define your goals even further!

Find out more here.

A SMART Goal Arc example!  

Write down five goals starting with long term and then work backwards making shorter term goals.


Five-year goal: “Become an editor.” 

One-year goal: “Get an internship with a magazine.”

Six-month goal: “Volunteer as an editor for one of Arc’s publications.”

One-month goal: “Get published in an Arc publication.”

One-week goal: “Email Arc about becoming a contributor in a publication.”

Setting a goal? Take it one-step at a time!

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