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Moving Out

Renting 101 with Arc Legal

Found the perfect place? Wanting to sign a lease and seal the deal? Before you rent, check out Arc Legal's

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Renting Rights

Information for tenants from Fair Trading NSW, on your rights before, during and at the end of your tenancy.

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Who pays for electricity and gas? How do you choose which supplier to go with? Find out the answers to these and more.

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Ultimate Moving Checklist

Not sure what needs to happen to move? Use this interactive and saveable moving checklist that does all the thinking for you.

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Ultimate End of Lease Cleaning Checklist

Before you even lift a finger, there’ll be some prep work that you’ll need to do to ensure a fast and efficient cleaning day. Follow these tips to set yourself up for success.

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Money Moves

Money Matters

Curating the best tips from across the inter-webs, we have the best ideas and tricks to help you get more than $20 in your pocket.

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UNSW's Estimated cost of living

Looking to start budgeting based on where and when you move out? This is an awesome resource to keep to help you plan out your budgets.

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Budget Planner

Moneysmart.gov has got you covered with this awesome budget planner so you can get on top of your finances. Bookmark this one for sure!

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Cooking on a Budget

Student Cookbook

What's for dinner tonight? Avoid the take-away trap by browsing through The Student Cookbook, your one-stop shop for delicious, budget-friendly and healthy recipes.

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A month of dinners under $10

There’s no need to blow your budget on groceries. Feed yourself for less with these simple, but delicious dinners you can make tonight.

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Food Hub

FOOD HUB is the free grocery store for UNSW students (including UNSW Global). Its your place to stop by and get a hamper of nutritious ingredients to fuel your studies.

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Minimising food waste with Ozharvest

Check out their downloadable meal planners, shopping list, and fridge guide!

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10 Tips For Keeping Produce Fresh for Longer

Do you find that your fruit and veg goes bad before you can get to it? Here are some awesome tips to help!

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Healthcare Hacks

What questions should you be asking your doctors?

Prepare for your medical appointment by creating a list of questions to ask your doctor with this question builder tool.

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What is covered by Medicare?

Help with the costs of seeing a doctor, getting medicines and accessing mental health care.

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Mental Health Treatment Plans

What are they? How do you get one? How can they help you?

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Seeing a GP

What are the things you should know about making appointments, and getting the most out of them. Read more to find out!

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Car Care

Back to Basics | Cars and Driving

For info on buying a new or used car, traffic infringement advice and challenging fines.

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Road Rules and Road Fools

A short guide to some of the common driving problems and how to avoid fines or losing points.

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What to do in a car crash?

Check out the chart to find out all the steps you need to take when you get in an accident. Print this out and keep it in your cars glovebox just in case.

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Car Accident Letter of Demand Template

Did you get in a car accident caused by another party? Check out this template to get things sorted.

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Other Adulting Bits

The Producers Blog

Here, you can find heaps of plant facts, gardening tips, and creative ideas to blend in with the plant world around us.

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Working and Employment

Unlike days gone by, the majority of students have to work at least part time while studying. It's essential to know your rights and obligations as an employee and to seek help when difficulties arise.

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Adulting is HARD! So make sure to still prioritise yourself and look after your wellbeing. We have all the tips and tricks at Arc Wellness.

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