Digital Detox 

A digital detox is setting time aside without using electronic devices connected to the internet such as smartphones and computers

Why is unplugging important?

It gives you a chance to:

  • De-stress
  • Spend more time with friends and family 
  • Spend more time outside 
  • Be more focused and productive 
  • Regain healthy sleep habits 

It helps prevent an over dependence on devices

Stress from social and digital media can come from FOMO or comparing yourself to others and against unrealistic expectations! Click here to read more about the effects of social media.

Tips on how to detox 

  • Physically separate yourself from your smartphones. If that's not possible, just turn off notifications for Facebook, Instagram, or anything else that is distracting!
  • Start small- start off having “un-plugged” times of day (during meals, right before bed, right after waking up) or areas in the home (no phone in bed and keeping it just for bed related activities). 
  • Get some family and friends to unplug with you. Spend some time together and resist those social media cravings with each other.
  • Be aware and take note of when you are most often on your phone/social media and replace those behaviors and habits 
  • Pick up new hobbies for periods of downtime instead of social media based activities

Check out these apps to help you detox


This app gets you to grow a tree in the time that you stay on the app! It promotes being present, letting you set a timer for the time you want to stay focused and off your phone. In this time, you get to watch your seed grow.

Check it out

Goodnight Chrome

Goodnight Chrome is an app for your laptop that allows you to set a 'sleep time' for your chrome browser. It gives you the chance to take back control of your evenings!

Check it out


Moment is an app that lets you track the amount of time you spend on your phone. Not only that but the app provides tips, and motivation to get you off your phone when you need to!

Check it out


Flipd is an app designed to get you to be as productive as possible. It helps you keep track of your time; whether it be study, work, sleep or working out, flipd can help you be present.

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