Eating Well

Eating Well

We all know eating healthy can be really hard. When you are balancing trimesters, a job and a social life, eating three pieces of broccoli seems like the equivalent of climbing a small mountain. We are here to help you learn about food and the great things it can do for you!

Why eating well is good for you:

Reduced Risk of Illness

We all know how draining and bothersome a simple cold is. Not only can eating well help reduce such sicknesses, it can also help reduce heart related issues such as a stroke. This will allow you to continue living your best life or your journey to it! 

Better Mood

Whether it be boba or chips, we all have our cravings and things we do to keep sane. However, such foods often give short term pleasure and can impact one’s mood regulation chemicals. So eating such foods in moderation or as a treat has the potential to help you live a more stable life!

Better Brain Function

No matter if you are in the club, at a party, or taking a test our brains is the machine which runs it all.   Healthy foods loaded with nutrition such as fruits and vegetables, as well as foods packed with omega three all ensure we are prepared for anything. So next time don’t be afraid of that avocado or fish!  

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Tips to Eat Well on a Budget

Eating healthy on a budget can be difficult, especially when you're balancing work with study. Its easy to lose that motivation- however, never fear! Here are some tips to help you on your quest to eat healthy: 

Plan your meals

  • Researching healthy and budget-friendly recipes can help make your shopping list more precise and direct. It also minimizes the likelihood of buying unnecessary spontaneous snacks and eating out.  

Buy all the key foods (e.g. fruit, vegetables, bread etc.) before buying snacks and other treats.

  • That way you’re able to spend the bulk of your money on things that are necessary and can then decide how you’d like to spend the rest.  

Stick to your grocery list (and eat before you shop!).

  • This reduces the likelihood of wasting money unnecessarily as you shop on impulse buys.  

Be supermarket savvy.  

  • Keep an eye out for products on special before you go shopping as this can often save you money, especially if you stock up on key items. Supermarket catalogues are a great place to start. 

Drink water instead of juice or sweetened drinks

  • This may be difficult to implement however; water is good for you and it’s free.  

Buy frozen fruit and veggies 

  • Frozen fruit and veggies are picked when they are at the peak of freshness. Which means nutritious food and more $$$ in your account. 

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