Help to quit smoking

Within just a day of stopping smoking, almost all the nicotine is out of your bloodstream! 

Plus after six weeks or more you are likely to feel less stress, less anxious and less depressed. Did you know that when you stop smoking you are more likely to:

Feel less anxious and depressed 

Have more cash in your pocket 

Require less medication (under a doctor's supervision) 

Feel less stressed and have a more positive outlook 

Contact Quitline on 137848 

Quitline Try a Quit Plan

Want to go smokefree? Here are Quitline's steps to stopping the habit!

1. Give the Quitline a call

2. Don’t suffer more than you have to. Learn more about withdrawal symptoms

3. Set a quit date (and try to stick to it)

4. Learn what to expect in the first few weeks. Triggers, cravings, nicotine withdrawal. Know your signs and learn how to beat them! 

5. Take the pleasure out of smoking to make it easier to say goodbye!

6. Set small quit goals and get ready for the BIG win. 

For more information about quitting, head to Quitline's website

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