Wellness Warriors

Wellness Warriors are a community of student volunteers passionate about student mental health and wellbeing. 

The Wellness Warriors are working towards challenging the stigma that surrounds mental health and providing you with the things you need to help you de-stress and reach out if you need support! We understand the stress of student life and are dedicated to finding ways to help you cope. 

Join the Wellness Warrior team to challenge the struggle that can be student mental health and wellbeing with in-person and online activations, Tea & Talk sessions, Stress Less Week and spreading the wellness message!

Keen to Join Wellness Warrior Team?

Our Warriors are passionate about challenging the stigma that surrounds mental health and wellbeing and supporting you to thrive (not just survive) in uni life. 

We're looking for students that would like to help us: 

  • Create online content (videos/blogs/Instagram posts)
  • Run weekly online events
  • Surprise students with Random Acts of Kindness like plant give-aways 
  • Run pop-up events on campus like yoga, meditation and puppy therapy  
  • Run big events that make a big impact like Stress Less Week and R U OK? Day

You don't need to have any experience just the right attitude!

Applications are currently closed, but will re-open T3 Wk 10 2021 for 2022! Check back here for the link to apply.

Until then, email us at wellness@arc.unsw.edu.au if you have any questions.