Arc FAQs

​FAQs = Frequently asked questions... this is not one of the frequently asked questions.

The history of Arc

Arc was formed in 2006 and is a not-for-profit organisation for students studying at UNSW. It's symbolic of an umbrella covering all of the students, clubs and societies in its care, and has nothing to do with floods or paired animals. Arc is all about everything outside the classroom; from volunteering opportunities to free food, there are a zillion opportunities to find your thing at uni with one of Arc's fun events or diverse clubs and societies. 

How do I sign up?

First up, Congratulations on this solid life decision. Welcome to the best student organisation ever! Sign up below and grab your membership sticker from Arc Reception.

Join Arc Today!

How much does membership cost?

Membership is FREE! Which is a pretty good deal considering all of the perks you get! Free pancakes, milkshakes, diaries and stationery, discounted tickets to Roundhouse parties, plus unlimited access to all of our volunteering programs and clubs and societies.

Check out the full list of member benefits

If I signed up for Arc last year, do I need to sign up again this year?

All you need to do is RENEW your membership by going to Arc Reception at any stage of the year, or an Arc Membership Tent during O-Week, show us your student card and collect your new sticker.

Where is Arc?

Arc @ UNSW, Kensington

Arc is based near Gate 5 (High St), and off Basser Steps. If you've got a question try Arc Reception first.

Level 1 of Basser College is where Arc Venue and Event are, temporarily, till the new Roundhouse is built.

Level 2 is where the Arc Precinct is along with Arc Reception, the dance studio, the music rooms, the Clubs Office, Clubs storeroom and the Postgrad Lounge. You can also find Blitz and Arc Legal and Advocacy at Arc Reception - check in at Arc Reception on Level 2 for appointments.

Level 5 is where you'll find the SRC spaces. They're open 7am-7pm Mon-Fri.

Arc @ UNSW Art & Design, Paddington

Ground floor of D Block, at the back of our Student Lounge is where the Arc magic happens.

Arc @ Canberra

ADFA, Northcott Drive, Canberra ACT 2600

What clubs and societies are there?

Arc supports over 300 different Clubs and Societies at UNSW, so whether your passion is cooking or catching a Golden Snitch, there's bound to be one for you! 

If not, you can always start your own!

What is SpArc?

To be a get the most out of your Arc membership you need to be registered online. Through Arc Membership Portal you can sign up for Clubs and Societies, volunteering and professional development opportunities, find out about events, access Arc member benefits and book rooms. 

Sign up to the Arc Membership Portal today!

Where can I find out about job vacancies at Arc?

Arc offers a wide range of paid jobs and internships, from working at Roundhouse events, to signing up new Arc members during O-Week, or amazing year long internships with Arc's Marketing or IT Departments. 

Generally job ads are posted during Trimester Three (for the following year), but opportunities are posted sporadically throughout the year so keep your eyes peeled. 

Check the Arc jobs page for current opportunities or the UNSW Careers & Employment for even more on campus and external job opportunities.

How do I get involved in the Arc Board and student representation?

  • Arc Board is the representation of students who oversee major changes that have to do with Arc at UNSW.
  • SRC is the Student Representative Council and focuses on change for the UNSW student population.
  • PGC is the Post Graduate Council focusing on all things postgrad.
  • SDC is the Student Development Committee. It is focused on student development and community relations and elected by Arc Board.

Arc Board elections are held in semester one and SRC, and PGC are held at the end of Semester Two.

Head to the Arc Board page to find out more info about recent events, plans and how to get involved!

How do I get involved in volunteering?

Volunteering is a great way to make new friends, develop a wide array of skills, and build up your resume. There are many amazing volunteering groups on and off campus that meet regularly, so it's easy to get involved. We have volunteers contributing articles and reviews to our awesome publications, helping newbies on campus and even running awesome events.

What are you waiting for? Get involved!

How do I get involved in Sport?

There are heaps of different sports you can get involved in at UNSW and they start at a range of different levels. 

Social butterflies should look no further than our social sports comps. After something a bit more competitive? Have a think about representing UNSW by competing at Nationals. There's everything from ten-pin bowling to netball and the social scene is a blast!

Whether you're into aikido or rowing, check out all the sports clubs you can join here, or head to the Arc Sports page for more deets.

Why do I need a student card and where do I get one? 

You'll use your student card on the daily at uni. Not only is it the only place to proudly display your Arc sticker, it will get you access to sweet discounts, and can be used as ID, allow you to borrow stuff from the library, can be a swipe access to get into buildings and rooms, and is a must for exams.

Once you've completed your enrollment online you can grab your student card from the Help Zone in the Ground Foyer of Main Library. You'll need to some kind of photo ID and your student number.

Try and get your student card ASAP because the queues are massive at the start of semester! Save time (and ensure you have a great pic) by uploading a photo in advance here.

You can replace lost or stolen cards at FM Assist in the Matthews Building.

Where can I eat on campus?

Arc owns the Roundhouse, which has delicious and budget friendly food options. There are also so many other food places available at upper, lower and middle campus.

See all the available food outlets available here.

For students at the Art & Design campus you have the yummy ArtHouse Kitchen cafe on campus and a bunch of places to eat around the uni.

Prefer the taste of your own food? Think your pesky siblings will eat last nights leftovers before you get home? Bring them in! There are heaps of microwaves on campus.

I need legal help, where can I go?

In a sticky situation? Arc may be able to help you out. We have a variety of legal information available. If your question is still unanswered send us an email or Arc members can book an appointment with Arc Legal & Advocacy for free, professional and confidential legal advice. Make your bookings through Arc Reception.

I need a Justice of the Peace, is there one on campus?

Need a JPs signature for a job interview or bank form? The Justice of the Peace League is conveniently situated on campus for approving original copies of documentation that you may need.

JPL operates from the Clubs Office, located in Basser College next to the (oh-so-long) Basser Steps.

Interested in becoming a JP? Join the League and you'll receive training and can legally practice for 5 years. Get more info about signing up here!

How do I find out about living on campus?

Sick of struggling to find unlimited parking spots near campus? Want to be able to sleep in until five minutes before class? There are a variety of different housing options available through UNSW Housing.

Where can I pull an all-nighter?

First of all. Don’t. If you really, really need to, Quad computer labs are open all night, but be aware that campus security come through both areas and check on you every hour after midnight. The Law Library also has a new 24 hour space during exam periods. Just make sure you have your student card to swipe in for access!

How do I get my timetable for next trimester?

You can make and find your personal timetable on the ‘My Student Profile’ tab on MyUNSW.

A great way to plan your timetable is here, but be sure to cross reference classes and times with the course timetables from the UNSW Handbook.

How can I book a room?

Want to book a room for an event, practice or study session? Arc offers Music Room and Dance Studio hire for Arc members. Arc members can pay a one-off Subsidised Service Fee (SSF Fee) of $29 for the full calendar year, or pay $5-$10 per hour (depending on the room). SSF members can access the rooms for up to 2 hours per day, capped at 4 hours per week.

Fill out the online form to make a booking. Make sure to read the form for any other booking restrictions (including available times and days) as well as the full terms & conditions of hire.

Contact Arc reception at or call 02 9065 0900 if you have any questions.

The Roundhouse is also available for hire

How many calories do I burn walking up the Basser Steps?

The complete set of Basser Steps burn approximately 20 calories, which is about a medium sized tomato.

What's up with the light rail?

The L2 light rail service runs through to UNSW High Street and the L3 light rail service runs through to UNSW Anzac Parade. You can board both from various city locations, with a popular one for students travelling by public transport being Central Chalmers street. Not only is the light rail more environmentally friendly, it'll reduce your commute time significantly with its regular scheduled services. Catch the L2 service if you are heading to upper campus, and the L3 service if you are heading to lower! Check out our light rail info page for even more details. 

What is the Nucleus?

Located on the right hand side as you enter the Main Library (Level 2) the Nucleus is your Student Central hub. These friendly folk are here to help you with everything regarding your enrollment, finances, printing academic transcripts, and transferring. 

How do I hire a gown for graduation?

Head on over to The Grad Shop. You can either buy or hire one and the friendly staff there will fit it for you so you look funky fresh!

What are all the publications on campus?

Want to procrastinate? Need something to read? Check out all of the free publications on campus for your reading pleasure.

Where are all the hot people?

If your tutorials aren’t proving plentiful with groovy cool kids it’s time to hang out on campus. Check out all our different clubs and societies for their weekly events during semester, or head down to the Roundhouse for live music and a cheeky schooner - perfect opportunities to mingle. 

What is SSAF?

Student Services Amenities Fee (SSAF) to support the delivery of amenities and non-academic student services.These include: counselling, employment, orientation, career advice, child care, financial advice, health services, food services, sporting and recreational activities, student advocacy and legal services.

What is AHEGS?

Worried about your resume? Everything you volunteer for can go on your Uni transcript by fulfilling some requirements and letting Arc know what a great job you’re doing. Arc aims to award you officially for all of the new skills you have developed whilst volunteering and getting involved in Uni Life because this has not only enhanced your friend list but also your interpersonal skills and created some cool graduate attributes. Find out more about AHEGS here

What health services are available on campus?

Feeling sick? There are medical professionals on campus to help you get better soon!

Check out the full list of medical services available at UNSW here

What does Arc have for Canberra students?

Arc organises a bunch of fun activities for Canberra students like table tennis tournaments, yoga classes, movie nights and Trivia! They also receive access to Arc services and support. Find out more about Arc @ Canberra here.

What do I do if I get lost on campus?

If you’re a new student (or even a fifth year) you can get lost on campus. 

Download the ‘Lost on Campus’ app and save yourself the walk from upper to lower campus looking for Goldstein 016. 

Otherwise ask someone, people are pretty nice and understand the horrors of being lost on campus. If you’re too scared, visit Arc Reception and we can help you out!

Best place to have a nap?

Library Level 3! With an energy pod and plenty of bean bags, your sneaky naps between classes are sorted!

Anywhere in Main Library above Level 4 is dead quiet, tbh.

Can you give me the A-Z of everything at UNSW?

How convenient of you to ask, here is a little something we prepared earlier.