Event Horizon

Event Horizon is the team behind the HUGE events at UNSW! We help bring an eclectic mix of campus-wide events to the UNSW community, such as Stress Less Week, Foundation Day (UNSW’s Birthday!), Flea Markets and more!

Flea Markets

TUE WK3-11 (odd weeks)

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Quad Games

MON WK2-12 (even weeks)

Meet Your 2017 Event Horizon Coordinator

Heyo! My name’s Rakulan (call me Rak) and I’m the Event Horizon Coordinator this year. I’m in my third year doing a Bachelor of Commerce and Economics. In my free time, you’ll find me rewatching episodes of Adventure Time and Archer, or getting hyped about the upcoming Marvel movies and shows. 

I’m really excited about bringing so many cool and interesting events to the UNSW student community throughout the year. Event Horizon is all about giving everyone the chance to step back from the day-to-day rigours of university life – at least for a moment – and instead have fun, chill with mates, and even make some new ones in a fun environment.

As a volunteering program, I want to make sure Event Horizon continues to offer great opportunities for our vollies to not only grow and develop, but also to bond and become a close-knit family. 


Wanna come along and help? That's where volunteering with Event Horizon comes in. It's a great opportunity to develop skills in teamwork, communication, and organisation of major events. Plus you get to attend the most exciting events on campus! 

Whether you’re looking to get involved with one of the amazing events UNSW is famous for, or if you want to start an event that we don’t have on campus, get in touch today.


Intake/ Volunteer applications for S2 are now closed till Feb 2018.  Don't let that stop you from attending our awesome events!

Time commitment/ Medium

Event Horizon

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