Kudos Live Vol. 4: Ritual Bodies is an art party presenting performance-based works that materialise rituals and mythologies through the body.

The performances will expose The Flinders Hotel bar lounge as a space already pulsing with rituals and myth. The rituals of the body will come in contact with the rituals of the performance site to expose and subvert the assumptions of both. The boundaries between performer and audience will be dissolved and all of our stories, avatars and identities will meet and create one amorphous ritualistic performance.

Radha La Bia (Shahmen Suku)

Radha La Bia (Shahmen Suku)

Shahmen Suku was born in 1987 in Singapore and arrived in Australia in 2009. He is a performance artist based in Sydney who explores ideas of racial, religious and cultural identity, gender, and sexuality.

Growing up in a modern matriarchal Indian family in Singapore, Shahmen processes his sense of displacement from home as Radha La Bia, the Diva from India. Moving to Australia has given Shahmen multiple perspectives on migration, culture, race, colonisation and gender identity. Some of these issues cannot be discussed openly in Singapore or as himself, and finds expression in his alter ego.

Devon Mer

Devon Mer

Devon is a student at UNSW Art & Design, currently completing their honours about storytelling using the human body informed by nuances of cultural identity and its intersection with dance expression. Their practice revolves around the aesthetics of human movement and the Body as allegory across 2D, 3D mediums and more recently live performance. Major creative inspirations are Femininity, Romance, the occult and the high fantasy genre. In their free time, Devon indulges their love of Dance.

Dying Swan is a re-interpretation of the iconic solo ballet to Camille Saint-Saëns's Le Cygne . This performance piece explores the historical significance of the original ballet in comparison to the artists's contemporary experience of the Ballet discipline.

Kudos Live Vol. 4: Ritual Bodies 20 SEP, 6PM - late The Flinders, Darlinghurst


Radha La Bia

Māra Māyā Devi 

Kirsten Packham 

Em Size

Devon Mer

Jessica Fogarty




Curated by Loc Nguyen

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