BY Shelley Wang

Half-way across the world, there’s a country smaller than Sydney that’s filled with vibrant culture, a ridiculous amount of dirt-cheap (yet delicious) food and of course, Crazy Rich Asians. 

Whilst the movie made Singapore look like the most amazing place in the world, experiencing it for yourself is even better. For those who haven't been yet, here's a small re-cap on why it's perfect for your first ever, last-minute trip with one of your best friends.

The Jewel

One does not simply visit Singapore without spending at least half a day exploring their iconic airport. We got there when the Jewel had just opened and thought it was just a bit of a novelty until we actually saw it ourselves - it is actually so beautiful. 

Top tip - get there in the late afternoon on a weekday for less crowds and seeing the indoor waterfall transform from sunset to dark.

Pictured: Rain Vortex at Singapore's Changi Airport.

Hawker, Hawker!

Singapore street food is next level, especially considering it’s known for the cheapest Michelin Star dishes in the world. It was even better when you realise some hawker centres are open until 2AM to satisfy your midnight cravings - I don't think you could get better dumplings or Hainanese Chicken anywhere for just under $5. 

Pictured: Maxwell Food Centre

Insta-worthy Food

It’s not just the street food – Singapore has top-notch #foodporn as well. Even though we meticulously planned every food spot we had to hit, we stumbled on some awesome places as well like Birds of Paradise. The moment you walked in, you could smell the thyme they've infused into their waffle cones.

Pictured: Birds of Paradise - Botanical Flavoured Gelato

For the Art-Lovers

Art-Science Museum is a must-go for anyone who loves exhibitions – at the time, ACMI’s Alice in Wonderland and teamlab’s Future World were on and perfect for the child at heart. It's a prime spot for insta-worthy photos but an amazing place to experience art differently first and foremost.

Pictured: teamlab's Future World at ArtScience Museum

Keeping a Green Thumb

This city is incredibly in touch with nature – everywhere you walk in greenery but Gardens by the Bay is probably the most amazing one of all, especially with Cloud Forest and Flower Dome. It's actually so amazing to get lost in the indoor forests.

Pictured: Cloud Forest at Gardens by the Bay

No Lock-Out Laws

Strolling around Singapore during the day is one thing but when the sun sets it seems like a completely different city that got a full glow-up. Opening hours for most stores are 11AM - 10PM, which fits our schedules perfectly for those sleep-ins and late-night feeds. Just means you can go around and explore it once more again! 

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