BY Lachlan Bell

We are a student-run club at UNSW A&D, where we encourage students to expand their practices and give taste-testers for new entryways into different materials, tools and software. We are guided by the belief that anyone can be a maker and everyone has something to offer.

We run weekly student workshops, participate in university projects and provide a support network for students to develop their ideas, concepts and encourage students to learn through a hands-on approach through materials, tools and software.

Through MAKE Club, students can be exposed to new experiences and skills that may not be provided within their degree. We provide a range of workshops that cover all bases of fine art, design and media arts, and through MAKE Club, students can converse, collaborate and work with students outside of their degrees. As we are a club run by students, for students, all members are equal in footing within the club and we encourage people to get involved as much as possible, and you can come into MAKE Club with as little or as much knowledge or skills, as we are there assist you and to empower you in your creative pursuits.

MAKE Club is held every TUE from 3:30-5:30PM and we are generally seated just outside F-Block Makerspace in the main courtyard of UNSW A&D. You’ll see our neon green sign hanging when we have a workshop. Anyone is welcome to jump in for those workshops (did I mention they are free) and we are super flexible and love seeing new faces! All you’ll need to bring is yourself, an open mind and a willingness to participate.

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William (22)


Bachelor of Media Arts (Honours), 4th Year

Animation, a bit of digital design, a bit of everything else... My favourite thing about UNSW A&D are the facilities around campus and all the people I get to meet on campus!

Michelle (21)


Bachelor of Commerce / Bachelor of Fine Arts, 4th Year

I generally enjoy anything that’s hands on so it’ll vary from watercolour paintings, conceptual sculptural works and jewellery pieces!

My favourite thing about UNSW A&D are the amazing people from all backgrounds who I get to learn so much from. It’s incredible to meet so many passionate individuals who also love art!

Dominic (21)

Arc Delegate / Secretary

Bachelor of Media Arts, 2nd Year

Animation, sketching, painting, filmmaking, photography

My favourite thing is experimenting in the studio, learning to use new equipment/tools from the Resource Centre and trying out new things at different facilities that I haven’t done before (screen printing, wood workshop, metal workshop)

Dylan (19)

Vice President of Marketing

Bachelor of Commerce / Design, 2nd Year

Performance, ceramics, photography, installation

My favourite thing about UNSW A&D are the wealth of knowledge you can gain from the tutors

Lachlan (20)


Bachelor of Design (Honours) / Media (PR & Advertising), 2nd Year

Experimenting with new materials and reviving old and forgotten techniques

My favourite thing about UNSW A&D is the community and the variety of opportunities and numerous events happening everywhere

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