BY Laura Melrose

Whether you’re four years into a law degree, considering transferring from science to teaching, or just dipping your toe into chemical engineering, there’s a little voice in the back of your head that whispers ‘is this the right place for me?’ 

Lucky for you, we’ve come up with a foolproof formula to help with those pesky little doubts – how many of these hit a little too close to home?

1. When it comes to in-class debate, you’re more focused on the merits of Nike vs. Adidas activewear on ASOS than whether or not Iran should be allowed to have nuclear weaponry.

2. The words “Class Participation grade” just communicate to you that you’ve lost 10% before you even started.

3. You frequently find yourself in the minority when you wear:

·         Engineering: A button-down shirt.

·         Law: Anything other than a button-down shirt. Exceptions made for ‘UNSW Law’ hoodies.

·         Computer science: A clean-shaven face.

·         Commerce: Jeans instead of chinos. Doubly shocking for Comm/Law students.

·         Film/music: T-shirts without unrecognisable pop culture references.

·         Arts: Clothing that isn’t vintage or jewellery that isn’t handmade.

·         Library lawn: A natural hair colour.

4. Any discussion about "The Future" makes you want to adopt a French accent and clutch a cigarette as justification for your feelings of existential dread.

5. Not only do you not understand your lecturer, but you’re starting to wonder if your fellow students are speaking a different language. (Cheers to the guy two rows in front who inspired this point by using the word ‘opprobrium’ in a sentence. SOS.)

6. On the rare occasion you actually make it to campus, you more often find yourself chatting to the cute bartender in The Roundhouse or sunning yourself in the Quad than actually attending your lectures.

7. The universe sends you a big cosmic signal in the form of your enrolment being an absolute bloody nightmare.

8.  You haven’t bought a textbook since first year because you realised that unistudyguides.com is more than enough to get you that red hot P.

9. Procrasti-cleaning. Procrasti-baking. Procrasti-literally-anything-but-work-inating.

10. And last, but definitely not least… Be honest with me, my darling little cherubs. Are you currently in class?

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