BY Annie Zhai

What unites people all over the world? Whether you speak the language or not, there is always one baby that gets us excited. FOOD!

Each culture is unique and food is cooked with a universal love. However, some items will have you going ‘huh?’.

1.    Casu Marzu (Italy/France)

Casu marzu aka ‘rotten cheese’ will provide one memorable experience for you. People let this cheese to rot and allow flies to latch eggs into the cheese itself and the larvae help ferment the cheese. Best part is that it is served with the larvae in it and liquid seeping out.

2.    Hofer Schwaaß (German)

This one takes the phrase ‘spill blood’ to a whole new level. Hofer Schwaaß translates to ‘baked blood’ and it is made from pigs blood and mixed with bacon and onion.

3.   Rujak Kuah Pindang (Bali)

As the old Wiggles song goes, ‘fruit salad, yummy yummy’, this one might turn your head. This fruit salad has many types of fruit like mango and starfruit but it is served in tuna broth.

4.   Smalahove (Norway)

This dish is traditionally served before Christmas and it is an actual sheep’s head. The sheep’s brain, skin and fleece is removed and then the flesh and skull is either boiled, smoked or steamed.

5.   Fairy bread (Australia)

White bread spreaded with a light oily margarine and sprinkled with jam packed sugary hundreds and thousands have always been a staple of every kid’s birthday party.

6.   Oreilles de crisse (Canada)

Deep-fried pork fat dipped in maple syrup? Yes please! This fried good. While the term is French if you translate it, oreilles de crisse means ‘Christ ears’.

7.   Fried octopus ink sack (Greece)

Yes that’s right! It’s an actual ink sack not the whole octopus. The ink sack is removed, dusted in flour then deep fried.

While all these food might not be served in Sydney, check out UNSW’s International Night Markets this Thursday (13th September) for some awesome food!

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