BY Liam Ho

If you ever thought you had trust problems with your friends, just wait until they backstab you in electrical. 

Among Us is a game that taught me a lot. If anything, it taught me not to trust anyone, especially my friends. Among Us is pretty simple, if you’re familiar with Mafia, Secret Hitler or other similar sorts of deception games, you’ll have a jolly good time here. 

The game consists of up to 10 players, with up to 3 impostors per lobby. In order to win, the “innocents” must complete all the tasks around the map, or remove all the impostors by voting them out. On the other hand, impostors need to murder all the innocents by employing different methods of trickery and deceit. 

Like other games involving deception, the fun you’ll have in Among Us is directly correlated to who you're playing with. I’ve played with varying groups and found myself enjoying specific aspects of the game due to the dynamic of the group. Playing with newbies? Go on a killing spree and ruthlessly vote out the innocents. Playing with detectives? Be a good innocent and complete your tasks as fast as you possibly can.

There’s a pretty decent skill curve here, especially as the impostor. Not only do you have the odds stacked against you in terms of numbers, you have to be able to kill without being seen. Fortunately, impostors are allowed access to various facets of the map, such as vents which allow them to teleport from one side of the map to the other. The other available option is sabotage, in which an impostor can create a distraction via closing doors, or causing part of the map to malfunction. There are some crazy smart plays available to the impostors, and with the right coordination, the world - or should I say ship, is in the palm of your hands.

The game has already gathered mass attention on social media, with the rise of many Among Us memes boosting its already stable popularity. This is especially due to its great ability to be streamed and still be entertaining for viewers.

Overall, Among Us is fun, it’s a great little mini game to play with friends. There’s a strange satisfaction in murdering someone and watching your friends bicker amongst themselves because you were doing MedBay scan. It’s free on your phone as well, so it’s definitely worth looking into if you manage to get the group together.

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