BY Liam Ho

The general premise of Fall Guys is simple: You’re a guy… and you fall. Well, you try not to fall but add in 59 other players competing against you and things change up a little. 

Fall Guys is the big new hit to enter the gaming world. It’s the first of its kind: a Battle Royale Platformer. This means that the game places you and 59 other players onto an obstacle course and the first one to reach the end wins. Think famous TV shows such as Wipeout or Takeshi’s Castle but everyone is running the course at the same time. 

Each game has about 5 rounds, with a number of players being eliminated at the end of each round after failing to meet the objective. Each round provides a different objective, and can be solo or team-based. The game will have you jumping through hoops, balancing see-saws and much much more. There’s enough variation here to keep you going for a little while, but after a few hours of gameplay you can sort of figure out the best route to take on a course, or a specific strategy for a team game. 

The gameplay is a little goofy, but it makes it all the more endearing. The physics engine in Fall Guys is the strangest and clunkiest thing, however it’s designed in such a way that even the best players will still fall prey to its many traps. By far the best interactions you’ll have with Fall Guys is through the other random players. Players can grab one another and try to push each other off various obstacles, potentially resulting in a game over for them. This is surprisingly hilarious as your little pink jelly bean ruthlessly shoves another off the edge, Lion King style.

In terms of price, it’s on the higher end. Being about $30 AUD on Steam, it’s asking for a lot considering it’s relatively limited amount of content. There is a good amount of replayability and it’s super simple to get into a match - just load the game and go. But at its current asking price, it’s definitely a bit steep. On the bright side, the developers of the game have already teased their next season, including new maps, skins and a battle pass included. This inherently increases the longevity of the game making the asking price more worthwhile.

Overall, the game is hilarious, and a good time with friends too. It’s worth a pick up in my opinion, considering how close the devs are working with the games community as well as showing and teasing its upcoming content.

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