By Will Cook

Looking for advice or a break in between classes? Then keep an eye out for the Wellness Warriors.

So far this year Arc’s Wellness Warriors (a group of 30 committed volunteers) have been running Pop Up events across campus and surprising uni students with Random Acts of Kindness.

The mission of the Wellness Warriors is simple: give fellow students the little reminders that they need to look after themselves whilst studying. Although we are not trained professionals, our Warriors are passionate about destigmatising mental health through the promotion of resources. No matter on-campus or off-campus, in person or online, there is an abundance of well-being related information out there, and we are determined to show you just some of the options.

The Wellness Warriors understand the stress of everyday student life and have spent the start of the year spreading the wellness message. At our Pop Up events in Semester One we have: released our inner-stresses by dancing in the dark, reminded students to love themselves by giving out: plants, donuts, polaroids and complements and showcased the importance of expressing gratitude for everything going well in one’s life.

However, in Week 10 we served up our biggest reminder. All week we have been running Stress Less Week in the Quad. Exams and big assignments have arrived and everyone is therefore guilty of getting caught in a bubble of stress. From Tuesday to Friday we have given students the opportunity to take a break, have a tea, put up their feet and pat a pooch. The aim of Stress Less Week isn’t to make exams go away, it’s to remind students that self-care is one of life’s most important activities. Whether its food, fresh air or hanging out with mates. In stressful times we can all forget to look after ourselves.

Although Stress Less Week may be done for another year, that doesn’t mean the Wellness Warriors are stopping. We will continue to hold fun (and thoughtful) Pop Ups for the rest of 2018 and beyond. If you are interested in getting involved, or learning more about Wellness @ Arc email me on

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