BY Jocelyn Wong

Just in time for the last weeks of uni for the trimester, everyone's favourite photo sharing app Snapchat has launched a new way to procrastinate. Introducing the ultra quirky Cameos Stickers.

Last year, Snapchat upped its game when it launched Cameos in December. With the arrival of Cameos, Snapchat allowed us to become the stars of our own mini looping videos which customised your face to bring a conversation to life. Whether you’re celebrating the end of exams or struggling through another group assignment, you can find a Cameo for every meme-able moment.

We at Blitz are excited to announce that Snap is bringing Cameos to stickers! This means that you can now bring hundreds of expressive, hilarious, looping stickers featuring your face to any Snapchat or Story you create. I mean, who wouldn't want to put a sticker of themselves as a dancing chicken over a Snapchat of the online lecture?

Whether you’re excited to be wrapping up the semester or just wanting to take your Snapchat game to the next memeable level with your best buddies, Snapchat's Cameo Sticker's allow you to keep the good times going, even as we stay away from campus for the time being.

Snapchat's brand new feature will roll out globally on iOS and Android, where you’ll be able to find over 200 stickers in your newly created, Cameos Stickers tab. Just in time for the second pandemic peak, Snap have even said that they will be adding over 20+ Stickers will be added each week.

We were lucky enough to be given an EXCLUSIVE first look at Snap's Cameo Stickers. Here are our faves.

Want to try out Snap's Cameo Stickers for yourself? Here is how!

  • Simply take a Snap
  • Tap the square Sticker Picker button on the right-hand tool bar within preview
  • Head to the newest Cameos Stickers tab 
  • Select the Sticker that best fits your mood, and start Snapping! 
  • Don’t already have a Cameo selfie? Head to the Cameos Stickers tab and tap “Create My Cameo.”

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