BY Will Cook

Be you a food lover yourself, or a novice of all things Sydney culture, sometimes its worth following the crowd.

From impressing an out-of-towner to dazzling on a first date, there are are a plethora of eateries, bars, pubs, clubs and venues across the city that will make even the fussiest anti-Instagrammer happy. Water-views, abandoned precincts turned state-of-the-art hipster, funky fusion restaurants: these are the Sydney foodie havens that are guaranteed to impress. 

The Grounds of Alexandria

Take everything you love about Sunday mornings, place it in one parking-lot and you have The Grounds of Alexandria. While the waiting time for brunch in the main kitchen is atrocious on weekends, the idle time is made bearable by a garden that puts to shame the finest Instagram aesthetic. Grab yourself a donut pumped with jam or a filled-to-the-brim smoothie and wander through the wonderland of farm animals and flowers. If you are visiting on the weekend, be prepared to be overwhelmed by an ocean of bodies. However, after visit to the animal pen you will be seated at the restaurant in no time, gorging on photo-ready food.

The Glenmore

While other bars in the city opt for theatrics and expensive cocktails to pull a crowd, the historic Glenmore Hotel takes a humbler approach. Resting at the top of The Rocks, if you make your way up the rickty staircase to the rooftop bar you will encounter a view of the Harbour that tourists pay thousands in airfares to see. While surrounding drinking holes rely on view-amazed tourists to swindle a buck from over-priced drinks, The Glenmore is a more casual affair. Grab a pitcher of Pimms and settle back for an afternoon session.

Camperdown Commons

If your grandma where to own a venue, it would probably end up looking something like the Camperdown Commons. The community hub offers locals and visitors a farm-like retreat from the bustle of Sydney-life. Part urban farm, part restaurant and part free space, the Commons is an ideal location for everything from children’s play-dates to sipping fine South Australian wine. Home to the produced focussed Acre eatery, the Commons is committed to sustainability.

The Cannery Rosebery

What was once the Rosella Soup Cannery has been converted into an uber-cool hub of artisan food and alcohol and restaurants. Depending on what tickles your fancy, The Cannery offers something for every hankering. For foodies, Da Mario will twirl your pasta, while Banh Xeo Bar has your Vietnamese craving sorted. However, don’t leave the precinct without a quick nip of gin from the Archie Rose distillery.

Golden Lotus Dining

Like most venues of the activity hive that is King Street, this BYO Asian restaurant serves up delicious food at affordable prices. So why do diners queue down the street? You might not realise, but Golden Lotus Dining’s menu is entirely vegan. What’s more it is napkin-licking delicious. The service is rapid, but don’t be alarmed the food is still fresh. Once your full of curry puffs and laksa, begin your bar and pub hopping adventure down the eclectic Newtown strip.

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