BY Katie Vicary

Blood Harmony is our first look into the beautiful, cinematic world of music that Finneas has created.

Best known for his work with sister, Billie Eilish, Finneas is an amazing music producer, singer and songwriter who is just as deserving of recognition. He has recently received the Grammy for ‘Producer of the Year, Non-Classical’. If that doesn’t at least peak your interest, I don’t know what will.

Finneas’ debut EP Blood Harmony sets itself apart through its soundscape, soulful atmosphere and personal lyrics. Blood Harmony showcases Finneas’ song writing talents: each song stands completely on its own and is an amazing introduction into his world.

‘I Lost a Friend’ is the first song on the EP and one of the best. Opening with just piano and vocals, Finneas draws you in with his beautiful storytelling leading to a heart-wrenching chorus. A common theme on the EP is love, in its many forms. ‘I Lost a Friend’ discusses a lost friendship without vilifying either party and this allows it to stand apart from the crowd. The line “Cause he made a little too much money to be twenty and sad’ voices that no amount of money can heal emotional scars, at least in Finneas’ experience. The song leaves you with a very bitter-sweet feeling in your heart and a desire to experience it again.

In contrast, ‘Shelter’ is a more radio-friendly, upbeat song about falling too deep in love. This is of course with his own twist, based in guitar but full of low bass synths and electronic sounds creating a unique song. ‘Lost my Mind’ slows it down a bit whilst looking at a similar story of finding safety and love with someone but not knowing if they feel the same. Again, Finneas’ storytelling is key to this song and the emotions that you can’t help but cling to.

‘I Don’t Miss You at All’ is a quirky, upbeat and bubbly song whose lyrics tell the story of a protagonist trying and failing to convince themselves that they’re over someone. As such, the lyrics are witty and childish, trying to prove to themselves and us that everything’s okay and by doing so are just proving the opposite. The song sits at a short 2 minutes long and the time is used to further highlight the tone.

The unique limbo between romantic and platonic love is explored gracefully in ‘Partners in Crime’. The song creates a reminiscent feeling of past love with a bitter-sweet note as whilst it’s lovely looking back, it is still in the past. The melodic guitar forms the basis of the track and pushes it forward throughout whilst linking the entire story together. A fan favourite, ‘Let’s Fall in Love for the Night’ is the EP’s most classic pop song and wears this title well. The song feels like a heartfelt dream, a declaration of hope that the love and relationship will come to fruition. It sets off those warm and fuzzy feelings in your stomach.

The closing song is arguably one of the best, ‘Die Alone’ is a beautiful ballad based around piano and vocals creating a cinematic atmosphere. Unlike previous songs, ‘Lost my Mind’ and ‘Shelter’ which discusses love as temporary and fleeting, ‘Die Alone’ has Finneas’ proclaiming that his love will never end and he will stay by their side through the storms.

There’s no song out of place on this EP, they are all written beautifully and with such care. Whilst discussing the pains, trials and tribulations of love, Blood Harmony always has a tinge of optimism, sun coming over the clouds and as such finds its way into your heart. It showcases Finneas’ sheer songwriting and producing talents. If Blood Harmony is only Finneas’ debut EP, there’s no telling what he will be able to accomplish with a full album.

Listen to 'Die Alone' here:

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