BY Karen Yu

The theme for Week 4 is Idols, and so we sat down and talked with the Hong Kong Students Association (HKSA). Let’s get to know more about their President, Justin!

Joining the society in his first year in 2016, Justin sought an outlet to meet others hailing from Hong Kong. Wanting fellow Hong Kong students to be able to find another ‘home’ within the society, Justin decided to try out the President role in his second year.

“Hong Kong is really a beautiful place.”

Born in Hong Kong, Justin thinks the humility there is one of its best aspects. He explains that because the Hong Kong island is quite small people are generous and willing to help others.

Justin wants to make his society mirror what he found in Hong Kong. He said that this year he would be having more events focused on building connections between his members. Wanting to immerse members in the Hong Kong culture, he said that at some events classic childhood games would be played in order to help them find childhood memories.

“Hong Kong people love singing karaoke.”

HKSA will be hosting more events to promote Hong Kong's culture, including everyday activities enjoyed in Hong Kong like Mahjong and karaoke. Justin wants to help his members create more happy memories in Sydney.

On where he would travel to now, he said America because of its huge impact on Hong Kong and Asia. He also has an interest in sports, especially basketball, and wants to watch a NBA match live.

When asked about idols, he answered NBA player Derrick Rose. Experiencing many ups and downs throughout his life, Justin respects him for overcoming these challenges. As a sports player himself, Justin believes that this ‘never giving up’ attitude is very important.

“Bruce Lee really proved to the whole world that Asians can really stand out too.”

When asked about who he thought was a Hong Kong legend, he answered Bruce Lee. He thinks that Bruce Lee proves that all Asians are capable of much more than what was thought before. Justin believes that Bruce Lee changed the West’s minds on their view of all Asians.

“Enjoy your university time.”

Justin thinks that everyone has their own dream but that they don’t have confidence to pursue them. “Everyone is living in a reality where everyone thinks that money is most important but that’s not right. I think enjoying life at this moment is important.”

To finish up, I asked Justin to recommend anything from Hong Kong. He recommended the Hong Kong UNESCO Global Geopark and Tai O where he thinks you can really immerse yourself in the Hong Kong culture.

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