BY Alison Lam

Let’s talk about the weather—or more specifically, the climate.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve probably known about climate change for a while now. Heck, forget knowing; a lot of people want to do their part and help rescue our dear ol’ home, planet Earth. However, the path to becoming more sustainable is not as simple as it seems. Just what can one do?

The answer: start by going to UNSW Arc’s Green Fest. This October 1st, spend the day discovering new ways to become more environmentally responsible by participating in the wide range of events planned from 10am-4pm. For starters, there are heaps of interesting DIY workshops on the agenda. You can learn how to transform plastic bottles into something entirely new in the MCIC (Michael Crouch Innovation Centre) makerspace, or go back to the basics by attending a workshop on how to grow and cook your own food—the list goes on and on. There’s even a Bike 101 class.

If DIY’s not your thing though, I should mention that this is just the beginning.

Film fanatics can come along to the 5pm screening of the film 2040, the latest release from the award-winning director of That Sugar Film, Damon Gameau. 2040 tackles the possibilities of a future where the world openly embraces the most eco-friendly options. It’s bound to be thought-provoking to say the least, so don’t miss out!

You can also go thrifting—yup, this is part of living sustainably as well! Simply trade in your clothes before October 1st and receive a token you can use to get first pick in the morning. Or, you can enter for a gold coin donation in the afternoon and participate in the joy of searching through second-hand clothes for your next beloved outfit. So ditch those fast-fashion pieces from H&M, ASOS etc. and go on a campus thrift!

Start October right by attending Green Fest and learning how to live more sustainably. Doing your part to save the planet doesn’t have to be hard—you can have fun too!

Register here for Green Fest, or check out the Facebook event.

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