BY Tasnova Sattar Anika

COVID got you feeling friendless FOMO on your birthday? No worries, here’s 5 ways to party from the safety of your room!

Millions of people around the globe have been staying inside to stop the spread of coronavirus, rudely interrupting everyone’s social calendars. But, thanks to your Wi-Fi connection and some simple social technology, you can still rock out on your birthday and the only thing you’ll be infected by is the sick beat of the Kahoot theme song!

1. Zoom Call

Of course, no isolation birthday would be complete without your friends singing you 'Happy Birthday' through the video call! Just make a Zoom account and send a call invite to your mates! Not only can you finally have that catch up you’ve been planning for months, you can play some spicy games like Truth or Dare, Would You Rather and Never Have I Ever as well. All with any background you wish with the epic green screen feature!

2. Netflix Party

Don’t even worry about leaving the comfort of your bed with this part - simply download the Netflix Party chrome extension and send an invite to your mates! The extension even includes a chatroom where you can chat to your friends while watching the movie – no more hold back on calling out all those movie mistakes and dropping crazy spoilers. Go ahead and enjoy a good birthday Netflix binge!

3. Kahoot About You

Let’s be real – a Kahoot! quiz can spice up any event. For your birthday, test which one of your friends knows you the best! Simply download the Kahoot! App or open the webpage and tap Create to get started! To spice things up, take it one step further and make the loser purchase you an expensive gift to make up for it

4. Bake with the Fam

Is it even your birthday if you haven’t had cake? For the wholesome part of your day, why not switch off the video calls and make a mess in the kitchen with your family? Grab your family (or your housemates), wash your hands, check out the ARC Student Cookbooks for some sweet cake recipes and get baking!

5. Online Shopping

Gifts are quintessential for birthdays. Since you can’t meet up with your mates for a little birthday shout at an expensive restaurant, why not gift yourself and splurge on online stores? Don’t worry, as long as you’re careful about washing your hands before and after opening the package, you’ll be fine. Look out for stores like ASOS offering massive discounts and reduced delivery fees to save yourself that bank you worked so hard for!

Who ever said you couldn’t have fun in self-isolation?

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