BY Alana Tarrant

Every year new trends circulate the globe and inundate fast fashion stores. Some trends are questionable, while others are most definitely worthy of igniting excitement.

Although trends are great, we need to be careful to not be trapped by the strong grasp of consumerism, because that is when your personal taste in clothing suffers. This holds true particularly in the winter, as the general perception that colours and styles are limited in this season results in the mass consumption of pieces to create a generic, dare I say “mainstream”, outfit. However, there are some ways to ensure your personality seeps through loud and proud so that the winter period can still be a time to experiment with fashion!

First, consider juxtapositions. Mixing feminine with edgy, casual with formal, trends with staples. A girly dress can easily be matched with a pair of Doc Martins to give you an alternative vibe, and several Victoria’s Secret models have been spotted wearing a formal coat over some sweats. With trending pieces of clothing, try pairing them with items that never go out of style such as V-neck sweaters, turtle necks or coats. V-neck sweaters are flattering on any body shape and their slightly frisky cut spices up the regular winter top. Your best bets are the Tommy Hilfiger V-necks (all colours are great but I personally have the black one so that I can pair it with other accent pieces) or slightly cheaper ones from stores like Zara.

When looking for coats, go for neutral colours such as camel, black or grey. This ensures you can match your coat with almost every outfit. Checking out Forever New or Zara may also be worthwhile, as they both have quite a good collection of coats that are reasonably priced – this is important because coats can get quite dear. For trench coats, it is a widely accepted fact that the ordinary uni student most likely would not be able to afford the classic Burberry (unless you’re already set for life and making the big bucks - in that case, kudos to you). Therefore, when buying a Burberry trench coat replica, be wary of synthetic materials. Always look at the quality of the lining because that is what gives the coat its shape. Make sure if you are choosing a pea coat, it’s made of thick woollen fabric. And lastly, consider sizing up (for any outerwear in general) so that you have room to wear layers underneath.

You can also try moulding trends to fit your style. One trend that has been the talk of the industry for quite a few months now is animal prints, and although the hype is slightly dying, animal prints continue to emerge on the catwalks at fashion weeks. Instead of choosing sweaters and pants to rock these patterns, however, try going for little accent pieces such as bags, shoes, scarves, shawls or belts. Although it’s a great trend, be wary of cheap or well-worn materials because they look even worse in animal print.

Another trend flooding my Instagram feed is the Reformation-style floral dress and midi skirts. These don’t need to be reserved for summer, however. Try layering summer dresses in the winter by wearing a long sleeve top underneath (turtle necks work well). When layering patterned dresses, pick a long sleeve top that matches the colour of one of the colours on the dress so that you don’t look too much like a walking extravaganza.

Alternatively, when layering solid coloured dresses, try matching it with a contrasting coloured top. For instance, if your dress is white, pick a deep red or black top to layer underneath. A big tip for layering is to ensure the top that goes under the dress is tight fitting! Midi skirts can be worn with tights and boots, but go for patterns so you don’t look like just a large block of colour. To really embrace the midi skirt’s retro vibe, go for a vintage floral pattern or some other cool design (Topshop has quite a few).

Ultimately, you know your style best. So go out there and rock that outfit with confidence!

Alana is an Arts/Law student who loves anything to do with health, fashion and lifestyle. She spends a significant amount of time playing sport, laughing with friends and coordinating new outfits. Her go to drink is a chai latte. 

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