BY Alex Kirkup-Lee

Lacking motivation to head to the gym after class? Struggling to have the time to cook healthy meals? Walking into the gym but having no idea what to do? 

With work picking up at uni, it can be hard to find the time or motivation to head to the gym, or to cook dinner instead of ordering Uber Eats. I've put together a list of Instagram fitness models who will actually motivate you to exercise and eat a balanced diet. I’m not talking about Victoria’s Secret models or Hollywood movie actresses who seem to have perfect, unachievable bodies; I’m talking about real people, whose lives are equally as busy as yours, who can give you some fitsperation to get back on that treadmill to healthy.


Grace Beverly is a university student from Oxford University, UK. Grace shows that you can go to uni, have a social life, and still have time to work out. Her feed is filled with full workout videos, which are mainly weight training based, but also include HITT sessions and killer ab circuits that are sure to give you a toned stomach. If you need any more motivation than that, you can join her renowned gracefitguide, where you are added into an online community where everyone starts the guide in the same week, providing great motivation if you don’t have buddy to go to the gym with!


Former pole-vaulter, Amanda Bisk’s philosophy is based on taking small, positive steps every day. She shows that fitness doesn’t have to be a chore, or something that takes up hours of your day. She posts yoga routines on her Instagram feed, and inspiring photos of her doing yoga poses on the beach, often accompanied by her cute dogs.


Jess Pack’s account shows that it is possible to still enjoy your favorite food and live a healthy lifestyle. Not only does she post about her food, but she also posts workout tips and tricks, and LOTS of motivational quotes. Her Instagram is a very honest, unfiltered account of her fitness journey, and shows that anyone who wants to be fit, can be.


If you’re struggling to fit healthy eating into your busy uni schedule, look no further than The Body Coach AKA Joe Wicks. Famous for his Lean-In-15 meal videos, Joe’s recipes only take 15 minutes to take, are simple to follow, and don’t require loads of ingredients! He also posts great HITT workouts on his Youtube, which can be done from home in between readings.


Famous for her successful bikini body guide, Kayla Itsines’ workouts are easy to follow, quick to do, and extremely effective! You don’t even need to pay for a gym membership because the majority of her workouts can be done at home. Her feed is also full of healthy foods, motivational quotes, and before and after pictures of users of her guides, which shows how effective her workouts are.


3 times best selling author of Clean Eating Alice recipe books, Alice Liveing’s recipes are not only delicious but also healthy! After discovering the gym and healthy eating, Alice went from being body conscious, yo-yo dieter, to a clean eating queen with over 6k followers! Her Instagram food inspo, innocent smile, and candid captions will certainly not only motive you, but to teach you how to live a healthy lifestyle.


Ever wanted to give weights a try, but always been scared off before you even enter the weights room? This London-based duo will give you the confidence to use any weights machine in the gym by giving you endless workout ideas and advice on correct use and form. LP and AC’s bubbly, fun-loving personalities are sure to motivate you to hit the gym.


Alexia Clark doesn’t call herself the ‘Queen of Workouts’ for nothing! Her feed is FULL of challenging workouts that are sure to help you get your sweat on. If you’re stuck in a rut and struggling to move to the next level, or to lift that heavier weight, Alexia’s feed is sure to help you muster up the strength.


The 28-year-old Swedish Instagram star, Linn Jacobsson, is the definition of #bodygoals. If you’re looking for leg day inspo, look no further. Her feed is proof that her training works, and you can find many of her best booty exercises for free on her Instagram feed.


London based PT, Bradley Simmonds’ Instagram feed is filled with workout inspiration, meaning you’ll never be short of a routine when you turn up to the gym without a plan! His routines are definitely intense and challenging, but they will definitely help you bust out that stress after a long day at uni!

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