BY Will Cook

In September 2015 a video was published on YouTube that seemed to sum-up the fashion trend that had transcended the boundary of faux-par to lovingly accepted. Whether you don Lulu or Nike, active wear is this century’s must-have item.

Once negated to only be worn by busy-mums, active wear is now a outfit accustomed to any age, gender and social-standing. But what is one supposed to do in their active wear?

My writing of this article falls upon the same week of a harrowing self-realisation. Of the seven days in the week. I have worn active wear for the majority of the day on six. Work, rest, play and occasional physical activity. Forgoing warnings that exist stating that users should wash their active wear after each use, I begrudgingly confess that my day-to-day get up has remained mostly the same.

Albeit a week of overcompensation, thanks to a three-day work event that required me to wear suitably active clothing, it is not uncommon for me to spend the day in my puffer and sneakers.

Be it the comfort from the looseness or the laziness to shower and change, I am in no way an oddity. Ever since Olivia Newton-John encouraged us to get physical in the 80s, the world has been on a one-way voyage to complete their wardrobe with the slickest activity bearing clothing.

Yet, as I sit in my active wear with a cup of tea distantly recalling the walk that I went on almost eight hours ago, I am faced with a predicament. Has our love of active wear gone too far?

As the internationally relatable video attests, from going to the movies, doing the shopping, being hungover: active wear is now everyday wear. How my grandmother would lament at the thought of the downfall of casual shorts with belts and a collared t-shirt. In the topsy turvy world of fashion, for the first time ever, I find myself in vouge.

Despite such validation from the illusive community, such an addiction, or apathy to cleanliness must be overcome. From today, I hereby pledge to do what active wear was designed for. Unless of course I have indulged in a G&T the night before.

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