Supporting First Nations Small Businesses

BY Ana Bilic

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The struggles of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders have been put back in the mainstream awareness with the BLM Movement.

To ensure the movement can lead to real change for our nation, we need to elevate First Nations voices and businesses. By shopping local and redirecting your money to these small businesses, there is a great opportunity to effect change.


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Food delivery / Pick-up

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  • Clothing the Gap: Clothing The Gaps is a Victorian Aboriginal led and majority owned, social enterprise, co-founded by Laura Thompson (Gunditjmara) and Sarah Sheridan (Non-Indigenous).
  • Gammin Threads: Gammin threads was born from a love of typography, language and blak pride. It consists of deadly chillwear and accessories for people who believe in living colourfully, paying respect and empowering women.
  • Ginny‚Äôs Girl Gang: A place where Ginny is able to marry her culture, art and fashion has given her an exciting opportunity to weave cultural elements into her clothing.
  • Liandra Swim: Liandra Swim fuses Aboriginal Australian Culture with on-trend premium designer swimwear.
  • Walkabout Slothing: Walkabout Clothing works with artists from all over Australia. It enables them to showcase the culture and vision artists have for our land and tradition.
  • Aarli Fashion: AARLI a fashion label with a conscience. They're a first nations brand that specialises in producing custom made sustainable + ethical streetwear.

Clothing the Gap
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  • Haus of Dizzy: Through behind-the-scenes fundraising and collaborative work, and their statement-making accessories, Haus of Dizzy continues to celebrate, support and contribute to Indigenous culture.
  • Gillawarra Arts: A creative arts business originating from the mid north coast of NSW
Source: Business Insider Australia

Other retailers

  • Dyinda Designs: Run by Aboriginal artists and cousins from the Yaegl country 
  • Sobah: A non-alcoholic craft beer, raising positive awareness of AUS First Nations culture 

Donate to AUS organisations supporting Indigenous communities

  • Change the Record
  • Healing Foundation
  • Human Rights Law Centre
  • National Justice Project
  • Sisters Inside
  • Common Groun

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