BY Katie Vicary

After a long 4 years, Blackpink have finally come back with their first album. 

Even without said album, Blackpink have made quite a name for themselves worldwide. Notably through their amazing performance at 2019’s Coachella; winning over western audiences with their sheer charisma, vocals, rap performances and tightly choreographed dances. Fans of the girl group have been asking for a full-length album since the girls debuted in 2016, so, does it live up to all the hype? Mostly yes.

Blackpink’s The Album is 8 tracks long and full of energy, charisma and bold and infectious beats. The previously released, ‘How You Like That’ starts of the album with a very familiar Blackpink sound and feeling to it. Whilst some were upset as it doesn’t stray far from Blackpink’s previous singles, many love the style and the song. Regardless of opinion, Blackpink have found a sound that works and have decided to stick to it. The bright, radio friendly collaboration with Selena Gomez, ‘Ice Cream’ comes next. Here we have sweet, playful vocals over a bright instrumental. The song is mostly in English, so the flirty lyrics hit even more for a western audience. A classic summer, bubble-gum pop song.

‘Pretty Savage’ is a highlight of the album. A sassy, EDM filled track encompassing what drew and continues to draw people into Blackpink. The lyric ‘Yeah, we some bitches you can’t manage’ showcases the vibe of the whole song. It’s playful, hard hitting and the lyrics are savage. Pulling back the harsher electronic sounds, ‘Bet You Wanna’ features rapper Cardi B and beautifully shows the vocal talents of these girls in a more stripped back setting.

The album’s official title track, ‘Lovesick Girls’ pairs acoustic guitar with dance beats to create an infectious pop song. The chorus has a sing (or shout) along feeling to it which I can see working in a concert, club or any kind of group setting. ‘Crazy Over You’ brings back the edgier girl crush vibe with a stripped, experimental electronic instrumental and sultry raps and vocals.

I can’t place it but ‘Love to Hate Me’ reminds me of several western pop songs, especially with the build-up to a stripped back spoken style chorus. Of course, it is injected with Blackpink’s own unique energy and style to create something fresh. The Album closes with the closest the album gets to a slower song, ‘You Never Know’. Showing a more sentimental side of Blackpink and feels like the perfect encore song.

Blackpink’s The Album is a hit of energy packed into a neat, slick 8 tracks. The biggest downside to the album is just how short it is. Sitting at 24 minutes it is barely longer than their previously released EP’s and it just doesn’t feel like anything new for the group. I personally wasn’t the most astounded by the album as it felt too familiar and way too short. That being said, I still think it’s a powerful album and honestly, Blackpink have proved time and time again that they can make anything a hit.

Listen to The Album here!

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