BY Cheng Ma

To wrap up the trimester, it’s time to get some perspective on the bigger picture and have food for thought as you move into the break period.

1.     You Are Only at The Start of Your Life

Have some perspective and realise that you are just starting your life and are still young. You can recover from anything life throws at you, so live life following what you want to do. Realise that all the times you have fallen are indications of your resilience and the number of new experiences you have tried out.

2.     Struggle is Good for the Long Term

Anything you try out with an honest attitude will not be detrimental to your long-term career or life. Maybe you didn’t score as well in a test as you wanted, or didn’t get that job, but that’s okay. You’ll be stronger after this and more experienced for the next season of life.

3.     Try Out New Things and Take Calculated Risks

Because you are young, this is definitely the time for you to try out new things in the upcoming break and beyond. Partake in more of the society events that you haven’t had the time for, spend more time with loved ones, learn a new skill or travel.

4.     University is One Piece of the Puzzle

The big picture is that university is only one piece of the bigger puzzle that is your life and all that you will end up achieving and experiencing. You should try your best to make the most of your university experience because of the freedom available to you at the moment, but don’t stress if you weren’t able to ace uni with stellar grades or land the best work experience because there’s much more to come!


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