BY Thai Rushbrook

Winter is almost over and the year is drawing to a close but there are still plenty of incredible Aussie hardcore rock and metal bands to see in the last few months of 2019. 

These are the top 5 bands you shouldn’t miss:

5. Thy Art is Murder

If you’re looking for some classic dark, gritty, anti-establishment heavy metal look no further. Thy Art is Murder fully embraces themes like human rights, politics and mortality with songs about complex topics such as violence, religion, mental health and even organ harvesting. As a deathcore band, they don’t have many clean vocals in their songs and I wonder if this addition would help highlight their complex lyrics, but there’s no doubt the screaming adds to the powerful emotional tone of the music. Thy Art is Murder is a band with a great sound and a lot to say.

Listen for yourself: Reign of Darkness (2012)

Thy Art is Murder will be playing at Good Things Festival in Centennial Park on Dec 7. You can grab tickets here.

4. Hands Like Houses

Heavy metal is known for its dark and gloomy undertones but Hands Like Houses is often so incredibly uplifting and energetic you can’t help but feel good. Their music is simply fun- something that helps them stand out from the crowd and keeps fans coming back over and over again. There’s not as much screaming on their tracks as the other bands on this list which may be a negative for some hardcore listeners but personally, I think the clean vocals add to the overall joy of the music. 

Listen for yourself: Colourblind (2016)

Hands Like Houses will be playing at Narabeen RSL on Oct 18. You can grab tickets here.

3. Northlane

Northlane has become a big name in the Australian metal scene, and for good reason. Their new album Alien dropped on August 2nd and is already rising in popularity for its deeply personal lyrics about the struggles of growing up in an abusive household, as well as a mix of hardcore, softcore, rock and electronic elements. Northlane’s sound changes from album to album but always remains awesomely big and grand which makes them great live performers and a band that keeps producing amazing music year after year.

Listen for yourself: Bloodline (2019)

Northlane will be playing at our very own UNSW Roundhouse on Oct 11. You can grab tickets here.

2. Parkway Drive

Parkway Drive is a band that has suffered many personal tragedies over the past few years and this notably informs their music. Their most recent albums have an element of pure fury and sadness that embodies the spirit of heavy metal in a way that’s hard to emulate- no doubt adding to their rising success. The raw ferocity of their work taps into the emotions of fans and critics alike, making their music the perfect choice for anyone wanting to feed their inner rage with a good dose of heavy metal.

Listen for yourself: Bottom Feeder (2015)

Parkway Drive will also be playing at Good Things Festival in Centennial Park on Dec 7. 

1. The Amity Affliction

The Amity Affliction formed in 2003 and have been churning out incredible albums ever since The Severed Ties in 2008. Their music pulls on the heartstrings of the emo kid inside us all, and the lyrics are often intimate and relatable. Each song is a journey with a perfect balance of screamed and clean vocals.

Their latest album Misery (2018) is a little different from their previous music with the addition of some electronic elements. It reminds me of English rock band Bring Me the Horizon in the sense that both bands are somewhat controversial in the hardcore community for drifting away from their heavy roots into post-hardcore or rock territory. Nevertheless, the album still draws an emotional response and makes me want to turn the volume up to 100, which is why they’re number 1 on this list!

Listen for yourself: Pittsburgh (2014)

The Amity Affliction will be playing at the Hordern Pavilion on Sept 12. You can grab tickets here.

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