BY Katie Vicary

PVRIS’ third studio album, Use Me sees lead singer Lynn Gunn abandon any previous fears in order to step into the spotlight. 

Revealing that while PVRIS has always been a team, Gunn herself has been the main force behind the vision and music since the beginning. As a result of Gunn taking ownership of her achievements, many songs of the album are filled with a new energy and drive signifying a change for PVRIS.

‘Gimme a Minute’ opens the album, softly at first before quickly evolving into an upbeat dance track. The instrumental lets loose matched by Gunn’s growling vocals, giving a definite edge to the song. The energy is continued on ‘Dead Weight’ as Gunn announces she’s shedding the dead weight which once held her back. The track holds a familiar PVRIS sound with its grit and grime but enhances this with more pop leaning elements.

PVRIS has always been known for exploring themes with darker imagery and a gritty sound but with Use Me we see this style expanding even more. ‘Stay Gold’ is an example of PVRIS not shying away from the dancefloor, creating an upbeat song full of synths with Gunn’s gorgeous vocals on top. The song discusses the fears of immortalising someone by writing lyrics about them whilst also being a song about said person. This creates a nice juxtaposition and depth to the lyrics. The line, ‘It feels good to be alive but I hate my life’ encapsulates the feelings behind ‘Good to Be Alive. It’s a little cheeky but completely raw and honest, something I think the song does beautifully.

‘Death of Me’, ‘Hallucinations’ and ‘Old Wounds’ are three tracks previously released on their 2019 EP Hallucinations which I reviewed last year. If you’d like to read about those three tracks or the EP as a whole, you can find it here.

The acoustic driven ‘Loveless’ settles beautifully in its place after the gritty more upbeat songs. It’s stripped back and raw with Gunn’s vocals piercing through the guitar and finding a place in your heart. She sings about the messy end of a relationship whilst maintaining the idea of growth through pain. ‘January Rain’ and ‘Wish you Well’ are both slightly more upbeat without hitting the same intense energy as earlier songs. The later has a groovy bass line which would definitely get you on the dance floor. It’s mature and introspective but an absolute bop. The title track, ‘Use Me’ closes the album and features a verse from the experimental rapper 070 Shake. This is the first collaboration with another artist featured in a PVRIS track and it shows the group expanding in style.

Use Me sees the continued evolution of PVRIS, looking into the future with a clear acceptance of their past. This feels like the first step in a new direction for PVRIS and I can tell their next releases are going to blow us away.

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