BY Gillian Jansz

Being single can be tough, but here are 5 reasons why time spent working on yourself is time well spent.

1. More self-awareness and less f*cks to give

As you hone down your self-focus, you start to reimagine life not pleasing others, but pleasing yourself. You know yourself so much better by not letting any thing or anyone crowd your centre focus.

This focus is important for those who have come to the realization that they don’t know what they’re doing with their life or those that are sick of being emotionally tramped upon by others!

2. Gaining more respect when you put yourself first

People love people who love and respect themselves. Confidence in who you are and trusting your values, beliefs and standards does wonders for your relationship with yourself. You start to be tougher on who respects your time and who is worth your time.

Time is valuable! At the end of the day, we really only have this period of our lives where we can thoroughly focus on setting the foundations for growth in the future.

3. Your self-discipline sky-rockets!

When you worry less about what other people think of you, your ability and craft to do your job, finish that uni assignment or finally book that doctor’s appointment to check out that weird mole on your butt, ACTUALLY gets done. Your concentration peaks and procrastination becomes low when you are constantly unlocking harder levels of challenges and life hurdles. You do you, babe.

4. Nothing crowds your centre-focus except for your own goals!

Your own goals are your sole responsibility. It takes strength to face the day and your growing identity, but the reward is worth it.

Plus, who wants to have an identity crisis when they’re 50?!

5. Ultimately, a positive self-relationship can offer better relationships with other people

You’ll be more able to connect with people that are likeminded to who you are and complement your core values and positive behavior.

A relationship with yourself isn’t about narcissism. It’s a chance to get to know yourself and focus on your dreams. A peaceful life with a steady heart and mind can be in progress.

Always remember there's nothing to lose by choosing yourself! If you’re engaging in some self-lovin’, hashtag #BLITZSELFRENOVATION!

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