BY Georgia Griffiths

One of the tags on Meres’ Triple J Unearthed page is “all the things you thought you’d forgotten about”. 

It’s the perfect description for the emotions her latest single, Feardom, evokes. Meres is the solo project of Tasmanian Mary Shannon, who has an extensive list of bands to her name and has collaborated with Kram from ARIA Award winners Spiderbait.

The track, however, brings a high school angst that most of us have long forgotten. Lyrics like “You don’t see me at all/And I can’t see straight” could come from the thoughts of a fresh 18-year-old during their first night on the town. Feardom is filled with grungy guitars and hi-hat heavy drums. Shannon’s voice manages to be both bored and angry simultaneously. It’s an archetype of the current Australian rock scene – think Smith Street Band meets Adalita.

It may only be just over three minutes long, but there’s so much of Feardom that stands out. The phrasing of the repeated “so uncomfortable in these rooms” works well, and Shannon’s not-quite-yelling of the lyric would be a sure-fire hit at a live show. The abrupt ending also adds a lot to the track. Just as we’re getting into it, the song cuts out. It’s not a common tactic but it fits perfectly here. It’s kind of disappointing initially, but on reflection it’s exactly the vibe Shannon is trying to create. It leaves us wanting more, and ensures the song will get a repeat listen. With an EP due out later this year, it’s definitely worth keeping an eye on Meres.

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