BY Carla Zuniga-Navarro

At the age of 24 I have finally found what (who) I want to be when I grow up. It's Solange Knowles.

Solange performed at the Sydney Opera House over four nights as part of Vivid Sydney, and to say last night's performance was a revelation would be putting it mildly. Her sister, Beyonce, might be renown as the queen of pop but Solange is an artist on a whole other level, creating a concert that makes you feel connected to every person in the room. Half performance art, half dance party and altogether mind blowing, seeing Solange on stage in such an honest and open way was really a musical experience more than a concert. Solange empowers with her stage presence with the entirety of her band, supporting dancers and musicians being people of colour who filled the room with passion and had the crowd on their feet for the entire time. 

A highlight (in a night of highlights) was her rendition of Losing You off of her 2012 album True. It's a bubbly tune that feels nostalgic about love gone wrong while simultaneously positive about what's around the next corner, a clean break. 

If you don't know more about Solange than her sister, you're missing out. Press play and put her music on repeat to find an artist that fully shares herself on her songs and can seamlessly alternate between social and political commentary on the experience of women of colour in the United States and songs about break-ups, proving that all of it is part of the complex, messy, wonderful human experience. 

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