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2020 AHEGS Update

As you may know, UNSW has been reviewing the AHEGS Recognition system for the last year, and Arc has been working closely with them to advocate for a simpler system that recognises more kinds of Club involvement.

These changes have now been finalised, and we’re pleased to announce that under the new system, it will be easier than ever to get your Club AHEGS-approved and all actively contributing members (that meet required criteria) of those Clubs can be recognised. Previous to 2020, only Club Executives were able to receive AHEGS Recognition. But starting this year, sub-committee members, peer mentors, non-elected directors, volunteers and so on are all eligible!

This isn’t the only big change though - anyone participating in an eligible Club-run program will now also be able to receive AHEGS Recognition! Clubs can apply to have their program become AHEGS Recognised, so participants in the program will receive the recognition they deserve for all of their hard work and dedication. This is separate from your Club’s recognition, so even if your Club is not AHEGS approved you can still apply to have your program approved.

The changes are quite substantial, so please read the following guide thoroughly.

What is AHEGS Recognition?

To quote UNSW Advantage: "The Australian Higher Education Graduation Statement provides a description of the nature, level, context and status of studies completed."

Essentially, your AHEGS is an official documentation of your achievements outside of your academic transcript. All of the eligible commitments, experiences and development opportunities you've undertaken during your time at UNSW are AHEGS Recognised so you can easily represent your achievements in an accessible format when you venture out on your first steps in your professional career. Each Recognition line on your AHEGS is building a representation of your ability to positively impact and influence the world around you.

Being able to talk about all of your experiences in addition to demonstrating your capabilities as a UNSW graduate will also help you gain a competitive edge when it comes to employability!

For more information about AHEGS, please click here.

What is eligibility for Clubs and Programs based on?

For your Club and/or Club Program to be eligible for AHEGS Recognition, you will need to fulfil at least three of the seven UNSW Advantages:

A1. Serve society

A2. Value diversity

A3. Foster collaboration

A4. Connect globally

A5. Embrace change

A6. Champion sustainability

A7. Continue learning

Each category has enablers that define how you are pursuing your chosen Advantages. For a detailed explanation, please click here.

You must also fulfil the eligibility criteria, which can be found here.

For the requirement of being “coordinated, supervised or monitored by university staff member”, Arc Clubs is the supervisor for Arc-affiliated Clubs. Arc Clubs is both your Supervisor and the 'Senior Approver' required in the nomination form.

How do I get my Club/Club Program to be AHEGS approved?

If your Club was already AHEGS approved, this approval has been continued and still applies. If you know you are already an AHEGS approved Club, you do not need to submit the below UNSW Advantage Nomination Form.

If your Club wants to become approved, please submit a UNSW Advantage Nomination Form (available at You can submit a nomination form now and approval will include recognition for the 2020 academic period. This submission will need to be done before the end of Term 3. For a Club Program, it is highly recommended to submit prior to the start of the program. A nomination form that is received significantly after the start of the program may result in approval not being possible for an otherwise eligible program!

The form is available for most of the year, however AHEGS is generally updated at the end of each academic year. To ensure you can receive recognition for this year, please submit the form before the end of Term 3.

After UNSW Advantage approves your AHEGS status, you will become an AHEGS approved Club and your contributing members can start receiving recognition.

Any position that is selected by the Executive team instead of voted for at a General Meeting will be designated as a Sub-Committee position, if it does not fit into any other existing position (e.g. volunteer, peer mentor, etc).


What counts as an eligible "Club Program"?

Clubs that are running workshops, initiatives, projects, courses and so on now have the opportunity to have members that complete the program receive AHEGS Recognition. The program must independently fulfill the AHEGS eligibility criteria that is outlined above. Whether or not your Club itself is AHEGS approved does not impact the program's eligibility.

Each participant in the program must commit a minimum of 20 hours, be provided training/induction and complete the program in its entirety in order for AHEGS Recognition to be available.

As general guide, if your Club is running something the fulfills at least three of the UNSW Advantages, provides a tangible outcome for participants and requires formal commitment both to run and complete, it will be an eligible Club Program. If you're unsure or would like to discuss how to develop your existing offerings into an AHEGS Recognisable Club Program, get in touch with us at

Roles Eligible for AHEGS Recognition in a Club

Anyone who is a contributing member can now potentially be AHEGS recognised. A contributing member is anyone who is not just participating in the Club, but actively providing their time and commitment to furthering the Club's aims and objectives. This includes, but is not necessarily limited to:

  • Executives
  • Sub-committee members
  • Non-elected leadership positions (e.g. Directors, Representatives)
  • Peer Mentors
  • Members representing UNSW in official competitions
  • Volunteers

Although someone may have a contributing member role in your Club, they do not automatically receive AHEGS Recognition. Anyone who wishes to receive AHEGS Recognition must have committed at least 20 hours and completed training/induction designed for their role. 

Nomination Form Submission Guide

The AHEGS Nomination Form that is used to apply for approval for your Club/Club Program as a whole was designed primarily for UNSW departments to submit, so the language won't reflect the structure of Arc Clubs very well. This section will address any parts that are potentially confusing or unclear. It is recommended you have the Nomination Form open at the same time so you can refer to the below as you proceed.

  • The Activity Name is your Club name.
  • The Faculty/School/Division/Student organisation responsible is Arc Clubs.
  • Positions Available are not final - you can submit with what positions you know you currently have. Since Clubs will need to apply through the AHEGS Recognition Form provided by us, that is where the executive details will be completed. If you have 'custom' or 'unique' executive positions that aren't specifically listed in this form, those will fall into the "Executive Member" category.
  • The Activity Category should best match what your club does, where applicable. If none apply, simply select Development Programs.
  • The Description of Activity is the description that is used to describe your Club on the AHEGS website. Keep it relatively short and clearly explain what your provide for members.
  • Link to Application Form should be a link to your main social media page/Club website.
  • Contact Information should be your primary Club Email (and any other relevant Club Contact details - do not provide any details of executives).

For the second page of the form:

  • Duration of activity refers to the estimated amount of hours a contributing club member will commit to the club.
  • Training Plan for executives refers to the Arc Clubs Executive training provided to new executives. You can upload screenshots of your completion certificates if you've already completed this training, or reference the Arc Executive Training resources:
    • Online Training Modules
    • In-Person Executive Training
    • Gendered Misconduct Training
    For other contributing member roles, this will be the material and content you will provide to them as part of their training and induction.
  • Schedule of activities/events is the timetable/plan of events and activities that will be conducted by your Club.
  • For the Nominate Supervisor details:
    • Full Name: Arc Clubs
    • Position: Supporting Organisation
    • Faculty/School/Unit/Organisation: Arc@UNSW
    • Email:
    • Phone: 02 9385 7700 (Arc Reception)
  • For Validate Student Participation through CCOS, select No.
  • Your Risk Assessment Form is the standard Risk Assessment Form, except filled out for your general activities rather than for a specific one.
  • Senior Approval is Arc Clubs and
  • Your email should be the club's email address.

Obtaining AHEGS Recognition for Contributing Club Members

Once you receive AHEGS approval for your Club, the Executive team will need to complete a few steps to get recognition for that year’s participants . Primarily, you must ensure you adhere to the UNSW Advantage eligibility criteria and Clubs Affiliation Agreement at all times. You will also need to complete the Clubs AHEGS Recognition Form at the end of each year.

The required 20 hours of commitment is measured through documentation that must be provided by the Executive team. This consists of meeting minutes, relevant completed work/resources/responsibilities, event records and so on. A summary of training/induction and relevant training resources will also need to be provided.

Part of this involves providing supporting documentation for their responsibilities and commitments, such as meeting minutes, training material, confirmations of acceptance into a non-elected position, etc. If you haven't already, please start collecting and compiling these documents now! All Clubs will be notified when this form is opened.

If there is reasonable concern that the eligibility criteria has not been met, AHEGS Recognition may not be approved! To ensure Recognition is received, please submit the form on time and make sure you can provide supporting paperwork. AHEGS procedures should also be communicated and clearly explained to non-Executive positions as part of their training and induction. Resources to assist with explaining AHEGS to your non-Executive members will also be added to this page soon.

The 2020 Clubs AHEGS Recognition Form will be released later this year.

AHEGS Recognition Responsibilities and Obtaining Recognition for Club Programs

Directors and Executives that are managing Club Programs will need to submit an application for program participants to receive Recognition at the conclusion of their program through the Club Programs AHEGS Recognition Form. This should be done at the conclusion of each instance of the program, rather than at the end of the year. While most AHEGS Recognition forms are processed at the end of each academic year, some allowance (for earlier processing) may be made for programs designed to run for a single Term in the year. 

Additionally, those who will be managing the program in each new academic year will need to confirm the program’s currency and provide key information such as start date and running period. This will be done through the Club Program Confirmation Form, which will be available throughout each academic year starting from 2021. Programs that do not submit the confirmation form may be designated as dormant and lose their AHEGS Recognition eligibility. Approved programs will receive correspondence about necessary actions upon the start of each academic year. Each program will be expected to communicate the AHEGS procedures to their participants as part of training and induction. We'll update this page with resources to help you introduce AHEGS for Club Programs to your participants soon.

The 2020 Program Recognition Form will be released later this year.


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