Clubs AHEGS Recognition

AHEGS Recognition and Clubs

The Australian Higher Education Graduation Statement (AHEGS) is an official documentation of your achievements that exists alongside your academic transcript. All of the eligible commitments, experiences and development opportunities you've undertaken during your time at UNSW are AHEGS Recognised so you can easily represent your achievements in an accessible format when you venture out on your first steps in your professional career. Each Recognition line on your AHEGS is building a representation of your ability to positively impact and influence the world around you.

Being able to talk about all of your experiences in addition to demonstrating your capabilities as a UNSW graduate will also help you gain a competitive edge when it comes to employability!

Working in collaboration with UNSW Advantage, Arc Clubs is able to support the contributing members of your Club in receiving AHEGS Recognition. The below resources and links will provide all the information you need to receive AHEGS Recognition at the end of the year.

Training Resources (Coming Soon)

AHEGS Recognition Introduction and Training Resources (coming soon)

Club Program AHEGS Recognition Training Resources for Participants (coming soon)