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The Bike-ology fam is here to keep your bike in tip-top shape and keep you riding dirty (or clean, we don’t judge). 

They hold bi-weekly maintenance workshops to diagnose and fix your bicycle problems.  They also hold second-hand bike sales and will give you all the info you need to know if you’re in the market for a new (bicycle) best friend. They also get second-hand bikes back to road-worthy condition.

Bike riding has heaps of bennies, it’s been proven to reduce stress, anxiety, and depression, improve general fitness and reduce risk of heart disease and cancer, and even provide empowerment and improve social life!

If you want to join the gang, they hold workshops on Tuesday and Thursday 12-2pm. Tuesday in the Arc precinct corner of the Quad, Thursday at the Michael Crouch Innovation Centre.

We're back baby!

Workshops as normal 

 Tuesday 12-2 @ Arc Offices

 Thursday 12-2 @ MCIC

:: Volunteer for S2 ::

Apply Now!

What's Happening?

Around the World in <80 days

Mark Beaumont has cycled around the world (29,000 km) in 78 days, beating the prior record by 44 days: he averaged a trip from Sydney to Canberra (via M1) EVERY DAY.

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What it feels like

going into mid-sems after having your bike repaired by bikeology

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Always wear your safety gear

NSW Police have been cracking down on cyclists riding without appropriate safety gear (helmet, lights, bell), make sure you are riding safe. Pop into a workshop or into legal to make sure your bases are covered!

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30 - May

Something to practice over finals and break. With wind-tunnel and computational modeling, a team has found the 'Superman' to be the most aerodynamic position. Paper is linked.

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Everybody needs help sometimes

Check out stress-less week and get your RL pedal assist!

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Cyclists have 'love' for interior decorating too.

24 - Mar

Beware the effects of the N+1 game. On the other hand, come show off your new ride at our workshops!

16 - Mar

Over the course of a single Sunday, a group of Perth riders managed to use Strava to draw a 200 km Goat. I think Sydney can do better, send in your ideas and lets get riding!

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06 - Feb

Have you ever wondered how far you can go without pedaling? In Coogee its about 2 meters, but XKCD’s Randall Monroe finds out what it would take to get from LA to New York (slightly longer than Perth to Sydney) in his “What if?” blog.Click here for more.

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Whether you're training for L’Étape Australia or the Tour Down Under, spending your weekends riding trails in National Parks, or simply don’t like waiting for the 891, bike-ology volunteers are here to help keep your bike in good nick. We provide tools and training for our volunteers; if you have the interest, we’ll give you the knowledge.

Volunteers meet for bi-weekly workshops during the semester:

-Tuesday 12 - 2 pm in the Arc precinct (just off the Basser Stairs)

-Thursday from 12 - 2 pm outside the Michael Crouch Innovation Centre, ground floor of E10.

Volunteer Deets

Intake: We accept applications for new volunteers through mid-semester break. 

Time commitment: Low/Medium (2-4 hours per week)

Meet the 2017 Bikeology Coordinator

Hi! I’m Ryan and I’m your 2017 coordinator. When I’m not helping make your bike ride better, I’m likely engineering in Biomed, playing piano, or collecting hobbies. I’m also American, so that might color my views. I’ve loved bike repair ever since I learned that messing with the bits on my bicycle could improve my bike. I’ll be running the weekly workshops and managing the program in 2017, so bring any questions, comments, or suggestions to me. See you in the saddle!

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