Arc's goal is to put your health and happiness first.

Arc Wellness is working towards raising awareness around mental health, helping students de-stress, and provide resources to foster your well-being.

Seek Help

Look out for Arc Wellness Warriors around campus from chill out zones, yoga classes to puppy rooms and massages. We're here to help you get through the day!

Wellness Videos

Catch us at pop-up events around campus!


4 simple steps can change a life, come and hear about the power of conversation! We will also have counsellors on site all day if you're not ok, which is ok!

Spring Fest!

Focus on your mind, body and soul with our soulful food and free yoga classes.

Stress Less Week

Hear how to manage your stress and even try it out in our puppy rooms, yoga classes and many activations happening around campus! Stay tuned for more!

Random acts of kindness

Look out for us popping up around campus with a random act of kindness! Maybe our umbrella angels will walk you to class in the rain or hook you up with some water in the bus-lines, keep an eye out!

Its okay not to be okay

Some days are just hard. There's no quick fix to feeling depressed or turning a bad day around, but you CAN make sure you're giving your mind and body the best chance to think more clearly and be your best self each day. Check out this checklist by tumblr user Peter Vidani to help you take back control of the small things first. Remember you're stronger and more capable than you think! 

Ask yourself these questions before giving up

Arc Wellness Initiatives

Stress Less Week

Stress Less Week is a 3 day festival held in week 10 every semester dedicated to helping students de-stress and learn coping tools for stress management. We have everything from puppy cuddling, yoga classes, healthy snacks, massages and so much more, we a

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R U OK? Day

R U OK? Day aims to “inspire and empower everyone to meaningfully connect with people around them and support anyone struggling with life.” Something as simple as a smile, a friendly face and a conversation has the power to change and save a life.

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Pat away worry and stress. It's proven that animal interactions positively affect blood pressure, heart rate and stress hormone levels. Wellness Warriors bring you Puppies!


Sex Ed 2.0

High school didn't teach you everything you need to know? Sex Ed 2.0 goes back to the basics and answers all the questions which are too late to ask now. Find out more about anatomy, sexual health, consent and everything in between.

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How To Adult

Taking care of yourself for the first time can be overwhelming. Making sure there's food on the table and the kitchen still in one piece, having clean clothes to wear, paying rent and filing for taxes. There are so many new and important tasks to navigat

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Arc Sport

Taking care of your body and being fit doesn't have to be about sweating it out at the gym. Arc Sport has a huge range of sporting opportunities for you to do what makes your body feel good so you can have fun and make friends while you get fit.

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She Can

She Can is a new Arc initiative to support and empower women of all sporting abilities to make they move. It offers a range of workouts and classes on campus to help women of UNSW work towards their fitness goals.

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Wellness is about balance- work hard play hard! The Roundhouse crew bring you weekly activities (bingo/trivia/live music), huge session parties, comedy nights and a cool space to hangout with your uni squad. So treat yo'self!

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Exam Help

Exams are tough! Click here for some extra advice and clarification of exam room protocols. If you think you might need to apply for re-assessment, you can read through our guides to the complaint and appeal processes.

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Emergency Help

Need help? Get advice from our legal and advocacy team, seek crisis accommodation and care packs and get help on emergency student loans.

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Social and Emotional Wellness is about learning how to manage feelings, relationships and solve problems. Joining a Club is so good for you- learn more about yourself, develop skills and find a sense of belonging and community.

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When you do good, you feel good! With over 30 programs to choose from. Volunteering gives you a sense of purpose. You can make a difference while making lots of new friends.You’ll learn a lot and feel good about yourself!

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We asked you what Wellness means to you… This is what you told us.

Wellness means all of these things and more!

Wellness is a multidimensional concept that encompasses your physical health, emotional wellbeing, social connectedness, spirituality, intellectual and occupational satisfaction, environmental harmony and financial stability. All of these factors are interconnected, which means when one area struggles, it has a domino effect that impacts all of the others too. So it is important to give a little bit of time to each of them so that you can reach your full potential and experience good health and happiness.

Make the most of your study

Feeling Stressed?

Exercise: 5 minute full body workout

Quick and Healthy recipes to fuel your body

Having trouble falling asleep?

1 minute meditation

Need a Pep Talk?

Emergency Compliment

Need a Hug?

Online mindful colouring

More Support

Looking for more info or support?


Keen to help out your fellow students make the most of their time at uni? Wellness Warriors help to run initiatives and pop-ups around campus aimed at helping students breathe in relaxation and breathe out stress.


Intake/ Volunteer: Check back in semester 1 2018

Time commitment/ Medium

Meet your Wellness Student Coordinator

How hard is it to hold a glass of water for a minute? How much harder is it to hold it for an hour? What if you had to hold it for the whole day? The longer you hold the glass of water the heavier it seems to become until you simply can’t keep it up! 

Welcome to Arc Wellness, your very own student support team to help you learn how to deal with those heavy glasses! My name is Courtney and I’m the Wellness Coordinator. I’m a third year Psychology student and a total sports fanatic! I’m excited to make my passion for Wellness contagious and bring fresh events your way to help you de-stress and take care of yourself amongst the chaos of life as a Uni student. Sometimes it’s the simple things that put a huge smile on my face, like receiving a thank-you letter or hearing a nice compliment, and I want to pass this same happiness on! So be sure to come along to our Pop-Up stalls and checkout our Wellness video series for that taste of calm amongst what can sometimes feel like a storm. Remember you can’t fill from an empty cup, take time to put your health and happiness first!  

Arc Wellness