Arc Sustainability

Arc is committed to making sure that caring for the planet is embedded in everything we do. 

Whether you want to reduce your single-use plastics or save some money with a keep-cup, we are keen to hear from students about ways we can make a difference. Keep reading to find out what we are doing already to make UNSW keen to be green.

Roundhouse Sustainability

What goes around, come around, especially when it comes to sustainability.

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Cup Library

Did you know you can save 50ยข by using a keep-cup or share-mug from our cup library at The Whitehouse.

Battery Drop Off

You can bring lithium batteries and electronics to Arc Reception and we will responsibly dispose or recycle them.

Last Straw

You shouldn't get a plastic straw at Roundhouse or The Whitehouse. Encourage other vendors at UNSW to do the same!

Coming up

Saving the planet can't happen overnight, so here are somethings that we are working on throughout 2019:

  • Remove personal bins from all office spaces
  • Consult on sustainable practices for Welcome Week
  • Work with UNSW colleges Sustainability Team on 2019 objectives

Arc sustainable programs

The Producers

Give your green thumb a workout in UNSW's community gardens.

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Stationery Reuse Centre

We give out free stationery to Arc Members during business hours every day.

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Environmental Collective

Meet and greet with other students at UNSW keen on eco-advocacy

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Learn to recycle electronics, then donate them to those in need.

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Master your two-wheeled mount with tips from the best with weekly bike maintenance and free bike repairs.

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More sustainable programs & resources

Thoughtful Foods

Your local, volunteer-run, ethical foods co-op. Pop in and say hi!

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UNSW Environmental Sustainability Plan 2019-2021

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Check out these sustainable Clubs

Renewable Energy Society



Get in touch

Sustainability Guy

Miles Portek

P:(02) 9065 0920