Self-Care with Anakha!

by Anakha Menon

Usually when we talk about self-care what comes to our mind is an indulgence - how we decide to indulge in a long bath or through shopping or through anything else that gives pleasure. But self care could mean tough love at times, it could mean how we choose to improve our physical and mental health and much more. 

This series focuses on the aspect of self care as a regular thing, something that needs to be a daily practice. It's more like a discipline or a ritual.


Toxicity and toxic people are everywhere. Dealing with individuals is difficult and stressful. Stress can have a lasting, negative impact on our health and years of stress can permanently destroy the neurons in our brain. On the other hand, positive influences and experiences have an opposite effect on every aspect of our life. Hence it is essential to identify those hot spots of positivity and encouragement and move towards them. These could be certain people in your life or places, practices or even experiences and the more you move towards them the more you will find yourself blooming.

Tuning In

There are a multitude of sensations that we feel and experience being in a physical body. When we take responsibility for being aware of our sensations, thoughts, beliefs, behaviours, and actions, our lives become more exciting and enriching. Let
us tune in to life to learn more, be more and do more.

Toss It

Living spaces are energetic extensions of ourselves. When our outer world is in order, our inner-world feels well-tended and nourished. The act of cleaning or throwing ore trash has a positive phycological impact, it gives us a sense of control and accomplishment, which helps us better manage the ups and downs of life with a sense of resilience and self-confidence. Additionally, the simple activity and repetitive motions of washing dishes, mopping floors, or wiping down surfaces makes it easier for the mind to enter into a focused and meditative state, temporarily relieving momentary anxieties. 

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