BY Mansib Ahmad

If your Insta feed has been lacking fur, wings, claws and things that walk on all fours, don’t worry: all that is going to be resolved here. 

These are ten animal Instagram accounts you need to follow. I’m sorry, but it’s true. Just do it and thank me later. 

1. Chewy


Chewy the alpaca may be the coolest alpaca in the world. He’s Australian, loves eating fruit, going out for walks and chilling in his very own inflatable water slide.  

2. Bolt and Keel


If you’re a cat lover, then this account will leave you reeling. If you’re not a cat lover, this account will leave you reeling. Bolt and Keel are two brothers who love adventures. They’ve been to more places than a well-versed travel enthusiast. Their life goal is to be on the Ellen show and they have their own book, detailing all of their amazing travels. 

3. Pumpkin


Pumpkin is a sweet rescued Bohemian raccoon and her Insta account also heavily features her other furry best friends (also rescues), Toffee and Oreo. I think we can all unanimously agree that Pumpkin’s owners should receive an award for assigning the cutest names to their pets. 

4. Mr Pokee


Self-proclaimed as the world’s cutest adventurer, Mr Pokee the Hedgehog is guaranteed to make you smile. He loves flowers, posing for photos, wearing socks and smiling like a complete goofball. He also has aesthetics that could rival an Instagram model any day.

5. Zero and Mika


Zero and Mika are two Shiba Inus living in Hong Kong obsessed with the great outdoors. When they’re not hanging out at the beach or hiking with their dog squad, they love to ruin their owner’s freshly made bed.  

6. Henry and Baloo


Another iconic duo, this time featuring an unlikely pair of best friends. Introducing two adorable rescues, Henry the dog and Baloo the cat. The pair are inseparable, even when they’re sleeping. Although Henry and Baloo have had their fair share of adventures, it’s the photos of the two cozied up and sleeping together that are worth the follow. Seriously, check this out.

7. Juniper


If you’re anything like me, then watching Disney’s Robin Hood when you were a kid unleashed an unhealthy obsession with foxes. Luckily, Juniper the fox (and now also Fig!) exist to appease any fox loving heart out there. Although self-proclaimed as the happiest fox in the world, according to her owner, Juniper is SASSY (yes, the capitalisation is necessary) and is in love with Moose the dog.

8. Loubie


Loubie – aside from rocking sassy sunnies – is known for her wonderful hugs. She’s all about sharing the love with as many people possible, so if you see her on a sidewalk in New York City, get very excited because you’re about to receive the fluffiest hug imaginable. 

9. Kevin's Birds


Meet Kevin Lam, the bird enthusiast from Brisbane, and all his colourful, feathery friends. Every single bird featured is unique and can rock a knitted hat. Kevin also posts a lot of bird memes, which are apparently a thing. 

10. Suki


Look, there can never be enough cats on your Insta feed, so I’m not even going to apologise for suggesting another cat account. Suki is not just adventurous, she was also definitely a model in her past life. She has one of the most enviable aesthetics on Instagram and knows how to work anything from a Norwegian sweater to a life vest.

Mansib is a Journalism & Communications student and a lover of history, culture and workplace comedies. Her hobbies include reading, writing, annoying her cat and preparing for a future where society is ruled by robots. 

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