BY Cheng Ma

1. Be Grateful 

A key factor to ensuring your fulfilment is to be grateful and content with wherever you are in life. Therefore, reduce negativity and focus on the positives you currently have in your life.  

The first step is to not compare yourself to others because there will always be someone more organised, smarter, and more successful than you are. However, what we often don’t know and maybe even sometimes ignore is the struggle they have gone through to achieve their success. Limit your use of social media because these platforms may only show the highlights of your network’s lives. Take a step back and realise how this small period of your life fits into the bigger picture. 

2. Exercise  

Release stress and maintain a healthy lifestyle by undertaking regular exercise. Not only will it release endorphins, making you happier, it will be sure to sharpen your mind so that you are able to tackle the work load ahead of you.  

3. Schedule Fun Events with Friends 

Have something planned after your study sessions to reward yourself. This will ensure that you unwind from your studies after a long day and is a source of motivation for you complete your study.  

4. Learn to Say No 

As much fun as it is to hang out with your friends, sometimes if you have too many assessments or too much work, learn to say no. This temporary ‘no’ will be beneficial to your future self and will ensure that you are more yourself at future events, since you won’t be worried about how you performed in your last exam when the room goes silent.  

5. Break Down Tasks 

Manage your time in an efficient manner by breaking up your tasks into smaller bite size pieces over a couple of days. Realise that you will only lose time if you stress more.  

6. Get More Sleep 

A key factor that might be contributing to your higher stress levels could be higher levels of fatigue that you are experiencing due to lack of sleep. This could be slowing down your productivity. This results in a vicious cycle where you become more and more stressed over time. A lack of sleep can also cause irritability and stress, meaning it is a two-way street in regard to the relationship between sleep and stress. 

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