BY Mansib Ahmad

Autonomous sensory meridian response, or ASMR, is the experience of tingling or static sensations through the scalp, neck and spine during an intentional or unintentional triggering from stimulus. 

Within the last year, it’s become a pretty inescapable venture. Its popularity saw it being featured as a segment on YouTube Rewind 2018. It includes people whispering into microphones, or opening soda cans and even roleplaying – all to help others relax. If you’re wondering what all the fuss is about, check out these ASMR artists.

1.     SAS-ASMR

Sas is one of the biggest ASMR channels on YouTube, with over 6 million subscribers. Sas’ videos combine the art of mukbang – the South Korean trend of eating in front of the camera – with ASMR triggers. She heavily features unusual foods, such as raw honeycomb and aloe vera, all designed to give you the best viewing experience. 

2.  Life with Mak

Life with Mak began her channel in late 2017 and quickly rose to fame; she’s now perhaps the most recognised ASMR artist on YouTube. Like Sas, she does primarily eat in front of the camera, but that’s not what gained her followers. Mak shot to popularity because of her ASMR roleplays, which often depict her as a rude or sassy employer dealing with customers. They’re very chill and funny to watch. 

3.     Gibi ASMR

Like most of us, Gibi discovered ASMR purely by accident and almost dismissed the craze until she realised that there were certain movements and situations which could trigger her to feel relaxed and calm. Now, Gibi has is a full time ASMR artist, dedicated in her mission to help the ASMR community grow as a whole. Her videos are extremely diverse; she has everything from roleplays which include her own original characters, to guided makeup tutorials.

4.     ASMR Darling

Another extremely popular ASMR artist, ASMR Darling was also one of the first people on YouTube to venture into this niche genre. Her most popular videos are all about helping you sleep, relax or stay focused by intentionally triggering your ASMR. She even has videos dedicated to giving you motivational speeches – while whispering, of course. 

5. Gentle Whispering ASMR

Everything’s pretty much spelled out in the name here. This channel is your one stop guide to peace and serenity. Gentle Whispering promises to “comfort you, to share my love and care with you, to make you feel relaxed and stress free through creative and soothing videos.” Her videos range from spraying cologne at the camera to interior tours of her Mustang.

Mansib is a Journalism & Communications student and a lover of history, culture and workplace comedies. Her hobbies include reading, writing, annoying her cat and preparing for a future where society is ruled by robots. 

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