BY Billie-Jean Bullard

With poetry becoming more and more popular, here’s an easy and simple guide to 10 of our favourite female poets you should go and follow.

  1. Rupi Kaur: @rupikaur_ - Since the release of “Milk & Honey”, Rupi Kaur has slowly become a household name. She writes most about being a women, love and heartbreak and accompanies each poem with her own illustrations. 
  2. Lang Leav: @langleav - A former Australian, Lang Leav moved to New Zealand to be with her true love. As a hopeless romantic she isn’t a stranger to poetry, having already published 6 poetry books. Her writing is soft and melancholic, and is a mix of free verse and prose. 
  3. Nikita Gill: @nikita_gill - Nikita Gill’s poems centre around self empowerment, specifically towards women. She encourages women to be strong, stand their ground and embrace their inner fire. 
  4. Pavana Reddy: @mazadohta - Similarly to Rupi Kaur, Pavana writes about love and loss. She reflects upon past relationships and moments, and creates such vivid imagery that you could almost taste what she’s describing. 
  5. Orenda: @poetrybyorenda - As part of a collaboration, Orenda’s poetry always features illustrations from different instagram artists and her rich poetry revolves around seeing in hindsight and reflecting upon past relationships. She also has a big following on Tumblr, where she posts regularly. 
  6. Wilder: @wilderpoetry - Going by the alias of “wilder”, her poems are visually stunning. From hand written letters and collages, she goes as far as to spell out her poems with 3D white letters (you’ll have to check out her instagram to know what I mean). She also incorporates photography and a lot of crystals in the layout of her work. 
  7. Alison Malee: @alison.malee - Alison’s short but sweet poetry style allows her to write such powerful messages in such a simple way. Her poems are usually accompanied with beautiful, botanical imagery. 
  8. Nayyirah Waheed: @nayyirah.waheed - Nayyirah’s poetry is strong and concise. She wants women to be strong and stand their ground, and as a woman of colour, a lot of her poetry revolves around embracing your differences and encouraging women and people of colour to stand up for their beliefs.
  9. Caroline Kaufman: @poeticpoison - At only 19 years of Age, Caroline’s poetry seems far beyond her years. Her poetry is super uplifting and she writes in a mix of both verse and prose. He poetry revolves around trying to find the positive in negative situations.
  10. Isabella Mente: @isabella_mente - After self-publishing her first book at 20, Isabella’s poetry revolves around femininity, sexuality, consent and identity in a simple, yet sophisticated way. She also explores painting, illustrations and photography in her work, and is currently finishing up her second book. 

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