BY Annie Zhai

With the impending doom of mid sem exams approaching, many people are worrying about sleep or failing their exams. 

We fear failure and the possibility of taking stats in summer school but the thing is, there are always people who have it worse. Here are ten people who have definitely had better days.

1.  Ever felt like you had to impress the hottie standing in the 891 line? If so you probably try to show off your cute outfit or rev the engine of your car. But when its your time to shine, you stack it.

2. You know when you are out on a Friday night and think that doing something with your friend is a good idea? WRONG! You and your friend might as well be tweed ledee and Tweedledum because one of you will be receiving first aid that night.

3. Parents always say reach for the stars but getting that dream job is not such an easy task. With people applying for internships and vacationer programs, many hope that their maccas job will help somehow. However the thing is, life is full of disappointments.

4.Think life is going well? NOPE. Whether you scored free food or got a HD on that assignment, you will inevitably hit that area in life where life just screws you over.

5. Are you sometimes given the most important task even though you know that you aren’t uniquely qualified? Do you screw up when everything depends on you? Well don’t worry we have all been there!

6. Are you that friend that get roasted in the group chat? Well every single group has that designated survivor who is the receiver of tough love; even when it gets physical.

7.Have you ever done a fridge to fridge that ended in blood, sweat and tears? Well stay away from those toddler cars because their tyres don’t have much traction.

8. When you try your best but you don’t succeed, but when you get what you want but not what you neeeeedddd…..

9.  Ever been at a night club just dancing your sorrows away when you slip on a spilt drink and make a fool of yourself? Don’t worry, we’ve all been there! Dancing isn’t easy when your intoxicated and looking like a hot mess.

10. That awkward moment when you say ciao to your new friend and you lean in for a hug but the girl just shakes your hand? What do you do? Shake their hand or just no hand contact at all? Who knows?

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