After the long weekend coverage of Chris Hemsworth’s life, social media giant Instagram has decided to call it quits and go with the market demands. 

After weeks of Hemsworth posting what the Twitterati are referring to as ‘wholesome AF’ content to ‘make you cry forever’ an official statement has come from Instagram on the issue of the platform’s future direction.

“Given the statistics we were seeing on Chris Hemsworth’s content,” said Instagram’s CEO, “there was really no point in pretending there was any holding back the flood.”

For several years the Instagram user base has been severely skewed towards females, with 58% of users identifying as female and 42% percent identifying as male.

“Our female user base is our majority and to be honest, every time Hemsworth posts a video of him surfing with his children on his back we gain a net 230 000 users and when he posts a workout video, we gain a net 670 000.”

Instagram used to be a haven for body-envy and a drool-festival for celebrity icons the Kardashians, but it would seem that heterosexual women are putting their money where their mouths are when it comes to clicks.

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