BY Georgia Griffiths

With the weather warming up, it’s time to start planning your summer outfits! Here are five dresses that are guaranteed to help you bring down the male-dominated world we live in.

This dress is perfect for lifting other women up, despite the patriarchy’s attempts to pit you against each other. Wear it whenever a man tries to egg on some drama between you and your best mate, and be sure to pack it in your suitcase if you ever find yourself as a contestant on The Bachelor.

“Florals? For spring? Ground-breaking." More like glass-ceiling-breaking! Use the camouflage properties of this dress to fly under the radar all the way to the top of the corporate ladder. Be sure to always position yourself near office greenery to confuse the men in charge, and you’ll be able to get your work done in peace.

This is a nice little number that screams “I am a modest girl looking for a strong man to take care of me”, and it’s perfect for deceiving men about your intentions. Smile sweetly and use your exposed ankles to draw them in, before asking them to explain their sexist jokes. 

The model has nailed it on this one! Make the most of this sleeveless dress and show off your natural, unshaven body hair. Who’s got the time to spend hours shaving in the shower to meet the unattainable beauty standards held by men when there’s literally hundreds of other things you could be doing!

This bold design is for those who prefer a straight-up, no-bullshit approach to dismantling the patriarchy. Use its bright colours to distract those who don’t believe in feminism, and while they’re disoriented hit them with cold hard truths. An ideal piece for reminding everyone that it isn’t just up to women to fight the patriarchy!

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