BY Katie Vicary

With break week’s official conclusion, we could all use a pick me up and nothing hits quite like some quality dog content. So, here are some of the goodest boys, guaranteed to improve your day.

Bodhi the Menswear Dog

@mensweardog puts all other models to shame. Bodhi has style, charm, poise and an impeccable smile, what other reasons do you need to love this guy. This is a super niche reference but Bodhi in menswear gives me huge Tinyhead from the Twisted Whiskers Show vibes. I think it’s the small doggy head coming out of the adult clothes, it’s too good.

Boop My Nose

@boopmynose gives you the opportunity to (virtually) boop all the snoots you could ever desire. Noses of all shapes and sizes are here including a few that look suspiciously like horses…. surely not though. That’s probably just a big dog. Also, for us Australians, a wombat even featured, the best boy of all.


Spotted, a collection of the cutest dogs in their natural habits. @dogspottingorg has some of the best dog spotters capturing dogs in their best and worst moments. My current favourite is a dog with a giant stick in its mouth (like twice the dogs’ size), determined to carry it. This could be biased though because my dog does this all the time and it’s hilarious (just take the small stick Bella, it’s totally fine I won’t judge you).

Dogs of Instagram

The best dog videos can be found on @dogsofinstagram, brought together onto a single account for your viewing pleasure. Honestly, nothing lifts you up quite like a good funny dog video. They make me laugh regardless of my mood.

Jasper the UNSW Dog

You think we forgot @jasper.samoyed just because he’s already graduated? No way, not in this household. If you’ve ever had the pleasure of catching Jasper scrolling around campus (I got the pleasure of meeting him my first year and have never forgotten), you would know he is truly worthy of being our UNSW dog. Frankie the fox has nothing on Jasper.

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