BY Nina Greenhill

1. Don’t.

Postpone, defer, just leave the dumpster fire of university in 2020 and come back when 2021 is back on the wagon. We’ve all been through a lot and quite frankly, classes probably aren’t looking like anything you agreed to when you started the year. There is NO shame in just leaving 2020 in the rear-view mirror and returning to study in 2021 or 2022.

2. Drink.

Lots of tea and water cause apparently its good for you. There’s tonnes of scientific jargon, I’m sure, about why exactly its good for you, but I’m going for the less technical language of ‘it makes my body feel like it’s not dying.’ I’m not going to alcohol shame anyone either, rather remind you that drinking in moderation is the way to stay on the inside of clubs and not get kicked out. I can also recommend making your own smoothies cause it’s more cost effective. How this will help you with classes is if you drink a lot of water before you go to bed because your bladder will get you up in the morning faster than your alarm clock ever will.

3. Do a sport.

It's one way you can get physically violent with term 3 and not have bad repercussions. There are only positives. Endorphins are a thing, you end up getting muscles and looking hella fresh for those classes in person or online. Its also a really good distraction for that class you just wish you didn’t have to do, or is at an inconvenient time. With lectures recorded, you can go for a run and listen to them, thus fulfilling the desire to do anything but sit inside. It can also be a way to shut off your mind from all the overthinking and worrying it’s been doing since March.

Check out Arc Sport for some great exercise options!

4. Get a hobby.

I hear whittling is solitary. You don’t have to meet up with people. Maybe learn how to change a tyre or learn to cook since you’ve been ‘supporting local businesses by ordering in during COVID’. Point being, there are tonnes of hobbies from painting to knitting to sailing to woodcraft to mosaics to collecting to learning a new skill. Go do that thing that you always wanted to try and make that pine cone jam you read about in an outdoor blog.

5. Blink

Term goes by so fast so don’t even worry about trying to get through it. It’ll be over and then it’ll be summer holidays and you can spend your time exactly how you like, because we didn’t really get a holiday from Term 2 did we?

Its only ten weeks before you don’t have to be at uni until February next year or ever again if you’re one of the lucky ones. Take a breath, blink, and time will fly.

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