BY Katie Vicary

2019 feels like it has been going on forever and I can barely remember what music came out in January.

So, I’ve decided to go back through the year and pick out my favourite releases from the year to create this compilation. I should note, my music taste (like most of our generation) is a weird mix of genres but regardless, I hope there’s something you can enjoy. With final exams quickly approaching followed by our massive university break, here are some tunes from 2019 which can hopefully lift your spirits.

I’ll be splitting these picks into albums, EPs and singles with a short description to give an idea of each.


When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go? – Billie Eilish 

Within her debut album, Billie Eilish managed to deliver a wide variety of sounds and genres. Her unique voice shines and she manages to pull off both sassy, upbeat songs and mellow, introspective pieces creating an extremely well-rounded album.


This year, ATEEZ managed to become my favourite KPOP group in the span of about a month. Their stage presence, charisma and music are really unique and their debut album just proves this. I’ve already done a complete review of this album for Blitz, so check it out if you’re interested.


Hallucinations – PVRIS

PVRIS came back this year with a hard-hitting EP, showing their experimentation with more EDM and pop styles, alongside their well-known dark, rock sounds. As with ATEEZ, I’ve already done a complete review of this album which you can find here.

Clé 1: Miroh – Stray Kids

This EP marks one year since the group’s debut and a new chapter in their music. Stray Kids really experimented with new styles in this EP with strong EDM songs, differing song structures and lyrics which should resonate with our current generation.

HOPE – Meg Mac

The latest EP from Australian singer-songwriter Meg Mac puts her emotions at the forefront. HOPE reminds us of Meg Mac’s vocal, lyrical abilities and familiar mellow, RnB sound whilst delving into new styles. This EP is a perfect introduction for new fans, as it encapsulates her sound really nicely.


Figure it Out and Did it to Myself – Orla Gartland

UK based indie-pop artist Orla Gartland delivers two thoroughly engaging tracks. Both released as singles, Did it to Myself is a pop song at its core but plays with synths and indie elements matching beautifully with Orla’s passionate voice and presence. Figure it Out uses the contrast in lyrics as a part of the production, with a mix of jarring and tame sounds creating a complete bop.

Teeth – 5 Seconds of Summer

A bass heavy song which portrays the band’s rock and pop-rock influences. Teeth is a gritty, dark song which leans closer to rock then they have before. This is a sound I think the band have been going towards for a while and now that they’ve hit it, I can’t wait to hear what they come out with next.

Nightmare – Halsey

The song feels like a chaotic anthem in the best way. It feels reminiscent of styles used in pop-punk music and it works really well. Also, worth mentioning the sheer level of female empowerment in this song is amazing. I would highly recommend watching her perform this live on The Voice - it’s amazing.

Everything I Wanted – Billie Eilish

The latest single from Billie Eilish. This song is super stripped back, mellow and introspective. It shows off Billie’s vocals and dark lyrical abilities and it’s absolutely beautiful.

Follow – MONSTA X

Ignoring all the crazy stuff that’s happened to this group this year, their recent single Follow was a smash hit. A mix of Eastern influences and Western EDM styles, this song shows off the group’s passion, stage presence and the rap line shines.

Fleurir and A Night in the Dark – artison 

The two final songs are from my very good friend, Alison aka artison. Released earlier this year, Fleurir and A Night in the Dark are two more laid back, electronic songs which show off production skills and are perfect for a night time drive. Show your fellow UNSW student some love and check out her music!

This list in no way encapsulates all my favourites tracks, EP’s and albums of the year (I had to cut a LOT of singles) nor does it show all the good music that has been put out this year. It’s more of a small snapshot of the variety of music I’ve appreciated this year. Hope you enjoy and check some of these artists out!

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