BY Greta Ritchard

I’m Greta,the 2018 eReuse Coordinator. I'm passionate about sustainability and technology, and eReuse is a great way to combine both of those interests!

We are a volunteering program that refurbishes computers and donates them to local charity groups in need, however we need computers to refurbish! Interested in saving the planet? Reduce e-waste and promote sustainability with eReuse!

eReuse was shortlisted for the NSW Blue Star Metropolitan Sustainability Awards which recognizes projects that are quietly changing our world into one where we do not pollute the world with hazardous waste. Computers and electronics is a huge cause of chemical pollution which in many places in the world seep into water supplies and consequently poison people and livestock. The flow on effects of not getting better at e-recyling for Australia are B.I.G. and we should all get our environmental hats on together to combat these preventable disasters.

So how do I get involved and actually help out this awesome cause?

eReuse provides opportunities to develop or further refine your computer refurbishment skills through hands on experience. Volunteers get new skills in computer refurbishment and rebuilding, gaining hands-on experience with hardware, as well as a great community of like-minded people. Intake opens early semester two, but computer donations are always open! The time commitment to get involved in this amazing program are quite small, involving Monday nights 5-8pm during semester for the Workshop.

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