BY Mitchell McBurnie

With one of the world's biggest pride events hitting Sydney on Saturday we thought you might like some advice on how to make the most of the glittery annual spectacle Mardi Gras in 2018.

Educate Yo Self

Even if you don't like history, this one is pretty lush. Mardi Gras is French for Fat Tuesday, but that's really just a rainbow herring. 40 years ago the LGBTIQ+ community of Sydney donned their featheriest finery in solidarity with the Stonewall protests in New York. Since then, protesters have marched down Oxford Street as advocates of inclusion. There is waaaaaay more to this story, like why the Dykes on Bikes lead, and how cool it is that this is the first march since marriage equality, but you can read it here.

Get Dressed Up!

Dust off your tightest and brightest dance costumes, raid your nearest Vinnies and let your fab flag fly. There are virtually no rules for Mardi Gras attire so whatever you feel good in, go for it! Butt’s out and tit-tassels encouraged!

Be a [wo]man/person with a plan!

With over 200 floats, blaring music and barely legal costumes the Parade down Oxford Street is epic, and epically busy. Grab your manageable-sized crew (2-6 of your faves), grab some milkcrates and pick either the Northside or Southside of Oxford Street (you won’t be able to cross it after midday). A milkcrate is good for the shorties, and play smart by not bringing glass. The
parade starts at 7PM so you should pick your spot no later than 5PM. If you’re running late, aim for Flinders Street.

Soak it up

The ten thousand paraders have rehearsed and sign-made for weeks before this so give them a round of applause, hand out high fives like candy and get a selfie with your favourite drag queen.

Dance ‘til the AM

Lockout laws are relaxed on Mardi Gras so you can party til dawn! Find your fit: Stone Wall has the cage, Arq has the best drag shows and Palms has the best trashy music.

Recover Properly

Gordon’s Bay, Clovelly Beach, Andrew Boy Charlton Pool and the parks of Newtown are all tipped as the best unofficial hangover rehabilitation centres in Sydney. Pack your Gaytorade, grab a bacon’n’egg roll and find a sunny spot to feel sorry for yourself.

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